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Pet avatars and their stories


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Feb 2, 2019
Hello fellow animal lovers! The idea for this thread came up in the GP IdF Cancellation thread, where we noticed a disproportionally high amount of posters with cat avatars (compared to skating related avatars). But this thread shouldn't be only about kitties but about all of your pets. I would like to invite everyone who wants to participate to take this opportunity and tell a story about the pet in your avatar. Of course you can also join if you don't have your pet's picture as your avatar, but then you need to post a photo at least (there are never enough cute animal pictures on the internet) :jump:
I will make the beginning: The feline in my avatar is Thor, a pure bred mongrel (whatever the cat equivalent is) during her first summer. Back when we took this photo, we had no idea that Thor was actually a female. My boyfriend and me had recently watched the avengers movie in the theatre (the one where Thor appears one-eyed) and when we found this kitty, one of her eyes was also swollen shut - so Thor it was. Found this kitty? - you might ask - that's not the usual way to come into possession of a cat. Well, actually my boyfriend and me just had moved in together and our new flat had a big garden that was right next to a farm. We moved in in spring and even though we both love all kinds of animals, we didn't feel we were ready for our own pet yet. However, one of the farmer's cats decided that the hedge in our garden was the perfect place to give birth to four little kitties. Only problem was, the mother cat was extremely shy and suspicious of humans and wouldn't let us anywhere near her babies. So we spent the next six months leaving food for the mother cat, spending a lot of time in the garden and gradually moving closer and getting acquainted with the kitties. They all had eye problems, but apart from that developed well. All the cat food and treats outside soon attracted four more cats from the farmer next door who joined our cat pride. At this stage, we finally found a non-profit charity who was willing to help us to catch the still semi-wild cats to get them to the vet for necessary vaccinations, de-worming (no idea about the proper English term here), and spaying/neutering. So one autumn day in the early morning hours, my boyfriend, two very nice ladies from the charity, and me spent three hours catching the cats in live traps (we managed to get all nine :party2:) and getting them fixed and have their eyes treated at the vet's.
Now, a couple years later, the original mother cat was taken in by our neighbours next door, two of the farmer's cats moved in with my parents and now rule their home, and the four baby kitties (Thor and her siblings) and remaining two farmers' cats moved in with us. Five of them are pretty domesticated now to the point where they like to get cuddled (for ten seconds) and sleep on the sofa in the living room, only one is still rather distanced and only shows up to be fed but doesn't want anything further to do with us.
And this is the story of Thor and how we didn't feel ready for any pets but ended up with six cats nonetheless.

PS: The farmer never asked what became of the cats.


Jun 26, 2012
Good idea. My avatar shows my two Russian Blues, Panja (14) and Mijntje (10). They've got pedigree but even so I didn't 'buy' them. I only paid for the costs incurred some years ago - sterilizing them and getting them their shots. There was an older lady with 7 (!) Russian Blue cats and one mongrel and it turned out that Mijntje was a little aggressive and had to go. However, the lady in question felt sorry for Mijntje because she would be alone with me, and wondered whether I would appreciate a friend. That turned out to be Panja.

In the meantime they are no longer real friends (the picture used is an older one) although they do tolerate one another. Panja is very much a one person cat. She will only sit with me, and loves being cuddled. She looks down her nose on visitors, but tends to watch figure skating with me. She follows skaters sometimes with her front paws. Mijntje likes to be picked up and is insanely curious about visitors, especially if they don't like cats. It's pretty boring for her now, as nobody comes (well, ever since March).

I enjoy having them around a lot.


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Mar 3, 2015
Before you freak and yell.. does she have a FOX for a pet?!! Let me explain:

I live in a country setting, lots of farms with domesticated animals; my own menagerie is confined to dogs and cats but my sister and her husband have a very small farm, lots of dogs, cats, goats, one sheep, 3 horses, chickens, etc. Because my BIL is mobility impaired, I help out at her place and am there a lot. About 3 years ago she spotted a female fox lurking around the perimeter of the chicken coop and we took turns monitoring it, watching thru binoculars etc.; the chicken coop is very secure but hope springs eternal in the fox breast .. she was wild, providing for herself as best she could. Then she acquired a mate and had pups; we identified their dens (yes, plural lol!) within my sister’s 8 or so acres. Then one of the chickens died; we left it near one of the dens for the fox family and began to leave a bit of dry cat food to supplement their diet. Fast forward to last winter and a couple of generations later... up to that point the foxes seemed to manage fine on their own with the odd chicken and dry food supplied by us. Last winter the fox family disbanded with only a female left. We watched her closely but she seemed to disappear for a time; she reappeared during the coldest months in very sad shape with an injured paw. We knew she would not survive til spring so we began to leave food for her every day. She survived and thrived into spring, acquired a mate and had two pups. The family is quite tame and we realize our part and responsibility in this process... they still live on the periphery of things but show themselves quite often And we look forward to being their guardians thru the next winter... this was an evolutionary process but would not recommend such interaction in general..
Thus ends the tale behind the fox avatar.. they are beautiful.. all very different, unique individuals. We are privileged to know them