Phoenix Blades


Oct 27, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm back again with another question. Today when I went to get my blade placement adjusted, my skate tech showed me the new Phoenix blades by John Wilson. I was shocked at how light they are, and I know they are not officially out for purchase yet, but I was wondering if anyone here has heard anything else about them, or knows anyone who has tested a prototype. I'd be incredibly interested to hear more about them. I know I'll need new blades eventually, and I'm sure there will be more info on these by the time that need rolls around, but I'm simply curious. I know they'll be the top blade of their lines, so probably quite expensive, but they seem interesting. When I picked the model up in store today, it was SHOCKINGLY light. Any thoughts?


Feb 17, 2020
here's what I got from John Wilson when I asked them about this months ago:
soon we will be releasing more marketing material to distinguish between traditional, Revolution and Phoenix. Each category has it's own level of responsiveness and the Phoenix Gold will not be tapered and hollow ground unlike Gold Seals. Stay tuned as we have more informative content lined up
I'm assuming they'll create a whole line of phoenix blades from their current lineup of traditional blades.

Someone asked if the blades need a unique sharpening equipment/jig like in matrix blades and here's their response:
nope! We've designed this to have parallel datum flats for ease of maintenance!