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Please Read Before Posting - Fan Fest Rules

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Jan 11, 2008
The Fan Fest (FF) is a place for fans to celebrate and praise their favorite skaters. As always, be respectful to each other's threads when posting. Keep discussions in the respective threads and do not bring up other skaters with the intent to bash, debate, critique, and/or compare. Keep in mind that even fans of the same skater may hold a diverse array of viewpoints and thoughts.

  • Do not bash other skaters or coaches in a FF
  • Do not troll or "police" fans in the FF to create discord (report only posts that are breaching GS Forum Guidelines - do not use this function to call on every post that just says things you do not agree with)
  • Do not call out or otherwise refer to other posters or fans, directly or indirectly, in a derogatory manner
  • Do not use FF as a combat zone for 'fan wars' (using other skaters' names for the sake of continuously arguing with each other)
  • Do not create FF threads for skaters under the junior competitive age (13) so that GS is in compliance with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505).
Creating a new FF thread (Format):

To make the Fan Fests more user-friendly to the search engines, please use the following format when beginning a FF thread. FF mods will correct/edit as necessary.

- The first sentence should start with the full name of the skater (ISU version only, followed by the translated version in parenthesis, if necessary), followed by the category they compete in and the country they represent.
- The second sentence should contain the skater’s Date Of Birth, followed by where they were born.

​After the introductory paragraph, the Original Poster can continue on with further information such as listing a few of the skater’s biggest achievements, their coaches, sample video(s), an opinion, links to bios and social media.

Asking to Be Owner of an Existing Fan Fest

At this time, if you feel certain fan fest threads are not being updated in a timely manner, please feel free to PM the OP and ask if they would be interested in giving you the thread. If you don't get a response, simply contact of the mods so we can make the necessary transition.

Fan Fest Moderators

Earlier, we put out a huge announcement regarding volunteers for the FF, but only received a couple. We still have need for several more. Fan Fest Moderators receive a GS Supporter Package for their contributions to GS.

Fan Fest Moderators have the following duties:

1. Add links to newly created fan fests to the appropriate fan fest index.

2. FF moderators are supposed to update skaters' OPs during their birth month, using a list gsk8 has created. Not all skaters that have a FF are on the list - only the ones who have competed this season. This insures that all active OPs are updated at least once a year.
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