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Podcast with Tamara MOSKVINA


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Feb 26, 2014
Wonderful interview with the greatest Tamara Moskvina.
53 minutes, 37 seconds

An interview with Tamara Moskvina, one of the most legendary coaches of all time in figure skating. She was a 5-time Soviet Champion in Singles, and 2-time Soviet Champion in Pairs with different partners: Alexander Gavrilov and Alexei Mishin. With Mishin she was the World Silver medalist and competed in the 1968 Olympics. Since becoming a coach, she’s been a driving force behind the dominance of Russian Pair teams over the past several decades, having coached some of the best teams in skating: Valova & Vassiliev, Mishkutenok & Dmitriev, Kazakova & Dmitriev, Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze, and Kawaguchi & Smirnov.
Moskvina talked about how she invented the Beillmann Spin, the 2002 Olympics pairs scandal, and how she broke her tooth on Mishin’s knee.

I didn't know that. :shocked:
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Apr 16, 2014
Thank you for the link! That was a fascinating interview (and a rare gem to have in English).