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Jul 26, 2003
Rebeka Kim (Hangul: 김레베카, born January 27, 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania) and her partner Kirill Andreyevich Minov (Russian: Кирилл Андреевич Минов; born January 2, 1993 in Moscow, Russia)are ice dancers who currently represent South Korea internationally. The team placed sixth at the 2014 World Junior Championships. Earlier in her career, Kim competed in single skating. She is the 2009 and 2010 Nestle Nesquik Cup novice champion.

In the 2015-16 season, the team had to create three different short dances because their first two choices for the foxtrot rhythm were penalized for not meeting specification both at 2015 Ice Star of Minsk and at 2015 Mordovian Ornament.

They retired from competition after the 2015-2016 season.


ISU Biography

Icenetwork Biography entry

Rebeka's Wikipedia

Kirill's Wikipedia profile



July 2018 Update​

Personal Best Total Score137.28ISU CS Mordovian Ornament 2015
Personal Best Score Short Dance55.33ISU World Junior Championships 2014
Personal Best Score Free Dance86.02ISU CS Mordovian Ornament 2015


SD3 Waltz: La Valse à Margaux by Richard Galliano; Foxtrot: Le Destin t'a donné ta chance by Dany Brillant
SD2 Waltz: La Valse à Margaux by Richard Galliano; Foxtrot: Love Makes the World Go Round by Perry Como
SD1 Waltz: La Valse à Margaux by Richard Galliano; Foxtrot: Bim Bam by Sam Butera
FD Tobacco Road by Lou Rawls, Party Rockers by by Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, featuring Judith Hill

2016 Worlds SP
They did not qualify for the free dance.

2016 Four Continents SD
2016 Four Continents FD

2016 Korean National Championships SD
2016 Korean National Championships FD

2015 Rostelecom Cup SD
2015 Rostelecom Cup FD

2015 Volvo Open FD

2015 Mordovian Ornament SD2
2015 Mordovian Ornament FD

SP "El Conquistador" by Maxime Rodriguez
FS "Phantasia" (based on The Phantom of the Opera) by Sarah Chang and Julian Lloyd Webber, and music from Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, performed by Lindsey Stirling

2015 Worlds SD

2015 Four Continents SD
2015 Four Continents FD (video by sabinfire)

2014-2015 Korean Nationals SD

2014 Rostelecom Cup SD
2014 Rostelecom Cup FD

2014 TEB SD
2014 TEB FD

2014 Volvo Open SD
2014 Volvo Open FD

2014 Nebelhorn SD
2014 Nebelhorn FD

SD "Show Me How You Burlesque" from the Burlesque soundtrack and "Speaking of Happiness" by Gloria Lynne
FD Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimksy-Korsakov

2014 Jr. Worlds SD
2014 Jr. Worlds FD

2013 NRW SD
2013 NRW FD

2013 JGP Kosice SD
2013 JGP Kosice FD

2013 JGP Minsk SD
2013 JGP Minsk FD

SD Blues, Swing
FD Midnight in Moscow by the Scorpions

2012 NRW Trophy (Juniors) SD
2012 NRW Trophy (Juniors) FD

2012 JGP Croatia Cup SD
2012 JGP Croatia Cup FD

2012 Russian Cup Panin Memorial 2012 SD
2012 Russian Cup Panin Memorial FD


SEASON 2015 - 2016
2016 Team Challenge Cup- (NA)6 (82.18)3 (Team)
2016 World Championships25FNR25 (49.79)
2016 Four Continents Championships131111 (122.69)
2016 Korean National Championships111 (138.00)
ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2015 Moscow766 (134.95)
2015 Volvo Open Cup111 (143.94)
2015 Mordovian Ornament 756 (137.28)
2015 Ice Star 333 (138.50)
SEASON 2014 - 2015
2015 World Championships--26 (FNR)
2015 Four Continents999 (120.76)
2014 Rostelecom Cup 888 (118.27)
2014 Tropheé Eric Bompard 777 (115.95)
2014 Nebelhorn Trophy 1077 (107.81)
SEASON 2013 - 2014
2014 World Junior Championships676 (133.35)
2014 Junior Bavarian Open856 (111.42)
2013 Junior NRW Trophy121 (130.59)
2013 JGP Minsk444 (120.06)
2013 JGP Kosice545 (121.50)
SEASON 2012 - 2013
2013 World Junior Championships172020 (96.99)
2013 Junior Bavarian Open454 (116.37)
2012 Junior NRW Trophy766 (123.26)
2012 JGP Croatia Cup10810 (104.48)


2014 Jr. Worlds Gala

2013 JGP Minsk Gala

2012 Panin Memorial Gala


Nov. 2013 "Rebaka KIM / Kirill MINOV danced off with the gold"

Updated July 2018
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On the Ice
Dec 5, 2012
Congrats on earning 80+ points at CoR guyssss!
Well deserved.


Final Flight
Oct 8, 2011
In the TEB 2015 threads, their SD3 foxtrot music is listed as "Le Destin t'a donné ta chance by Dany Brillant", not "Addicted to Love". I managed to listen to the online version of Le Destin. Indeed their 3rd foxtrot is the French song. I wonder who found this info.


Final Flight
Oct 8, 2011
Me. I couldn't get a clear enough video from their earlier outing to identify it clearly, but the COR sound quality was very good, so I was able to tag it.

Kim & Minov were not at TEB, BTW. They just competed at COR.

You are right, they were at COR. And thanks for the music information. It was not easy to find it. I heard that KSU are running out of manpower, possibly due to the increased number of skaters AND the Olympics preparation. I have to assume the skaters' bio would not be updated on time.