Returning to Figure Skating?


Feb 17, 2019
I did figure skating for a while. Trained along national junior ice dancers but never competed and got up to a double loop with jumps. Felt figure skating was too much and decided to do rep hockey and speed skating instead. Now I'm in university and I'm thinking of doing Singles again and thinking of doing Synchro on the university team. Anybody got any tips?


Final Flight
Oct 31, 2006
Hello and welcome!

I'd say put those figure skates back on NOW and get out there! See what skills can still do (muscle memory) and what you'll need to start over.

For skating on the syncho team, talk to whomever is in charge and see what their requirements are. If it's a very high-level competitive team you may need to tryout. Or they may accept solid skaters with no tryouts. And if you not seen what they do, go to one of their practices. Syncho is a lot of fun and a different type of challenge to singles skating.
Whatever you do - good luck!