Russian ladies Olympic team


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Oct 4, 2019
I don't think it's sad if Daria doesn't make the Olympic team at 15. Most people don't, going to the Olympics is supposed to be the culmination of an athlete's career, not the beginning. If she's that good, her career won't be over in 2 years and she'll have plenty of chances for World medals and the next Olympic team.
Daria is very talented but I think she might have to represent another country if she wants to continue her competitive career at the age of 19. It's always a bloodbath in Russian ladies fs but the pool has probably never been this competitive.
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Jan 31, 2020
Also -- trying to get back on topic with the 2022 Olympics -- it's strange to think that this is something Anna could never have because, even though she has won Russian nationals thrice, she never won Russian junior nationals. (Not to mention not getting junior worlds or JGPF. And she'd still have to get Euros, GPF anyway.)

Looks like Kamila would be the only one on track....
Anna is still eligible to junior nationals. 😜