SA VEGAS 2020 Orleanes Hotel


Record Breaker
Dec 4, 2004
A small heads up about the Orleans Hotel. Probably no issues but this is what happened to me.

I booked a room for SA Vegas 2020 on my phone while on board a ship....On Jan 12.
When I got back home, I checked the reservation. It was from a firm called "BookMyRoom" dot com. It was pay in advance and fully refundable.

I called the Orleans today to lengthen my stay. They had no word of my reservation.
Using my "B-connected " card, which is a free card you get when you go to the orleans by giving them very little info and getting some free gambling money, (or you can sign up for on line,) I reserved a room at the Orleans with the person on the phone. I think I got a small discount but am not any rate, the price was good.

I then went to the "Bookmyroom" dot com website and tried to cancel my original res. They had no record of it.
I then called their 1-800 number and got someone from a land far far away who I could pretty well understand and canceled as she had my reservation. She gave me a cancelation number and emailed me a cancelation email and said I would get a 100 percent refund in 3-7 days. That email came from "Hotelvalues" dot com

The price I paid with Orleans direct 1-800 number was cheaper than the price I got from "Bookmyroom/Hotelvalues"

The lady from farfaraway tried to get me to keep my reservation by offering me a 10 percent discount, which of course I didnt take. She gave me a cancelation number over the phone. The email she sent me from Hotelvalues that looks good and says canceled all over it but did not have that number on it.

I will check and make sure my money was refunded. If not, I will tell my credit card company so I can get my money back.

I think the moral for me is that when you put something in to google like "reservations at the Orleans Hotel and casino" you look at the URLs that pop up.