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Sailor Moon the Movie (2011)


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Mar 19, 2006
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Title: Sailor Moon the Movie (2011)

Tagline: Destiny has awoken its champion.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Action

Director: Elana A. Mugdan

Cast: Avery Danielle, Nick Uhas, Olivia Luccardi, Liv Rose, Kris Woodside, Eric James Eastman, Elana A. Mugdan, Eric Pietrangolare, Trevor Ray

Release: 2011-11-11

Runtime: 22

Plot: Bunny T., an ordinary girl, is chosen to become a superhero named Sailor Moon. She is tasked with saving the world from the evil Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom, who is plotting to destroy the planet Earth. The story is based on a Japanese anime and manga Sailor Moon.


Record Breaker
Mar 19, 2006
Sailor Moon

I was a big fan of the Americanized versions released in the late 90s (DiC) and started collecting items. Once I had seen all 100 americanized episodes back then was not even paying attention in 2014 when it was rereleased ( By VIZ with more literal (true to Nanako's writing) translations, names, no omitted episodes based on subject matter. I did finally see all 200+ some notable changes particularly in mature themes - most notably death and same sex relationships. And there are way more documentaries and variations of the show. As well as "diner Theater style Musicals, etc. Way bigger than I ever imagined it would be. Very Impressed more by the more recent releases. Even more ability for it to address self worth and community responsibility messages to resinate I.M.O.

Also my collection is worth tones of money now, did sell one book that I bought for $40 in 1999, now in a EBay bidding war it sold for almost $300.

Must say that Evginia's Routine was also inspiration as well as the "lock down" this year gave me a chance to see them all and throughly enjoyed and recommend it to anyone who was ever the slightest bit curious. I guess the "Raves" generation or techno drug parties seamed to really enjoy it also - must be the Awesome costume designs and flashy animation style that was a pioner of the new anime we see today.

Anyhoo, the Animation thread was empty and I thought I would start to fill it. Been watching TONS of movies and old TV shows during this C19 a.k.a "intraverts dream year" - also cosplayers (everyone has to keep distance AND masks are encouraged. Well for some this has been a nice change in some ways. Still scary and dangerous, but least we forget some situations were willingly accepted.

I'll Be back for Ideas to watch, for I have completed my top 100 movies of all time list and more, but I keep finding ones I have forgotten.
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