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Record Breaker
Feb 25, 2014
Satoko Miyahara (Miyahara Satoko; Kana: みやはらさとこ; Kanji: 宮原知子) is a Ladies Singles skater who represents Japan. She was born on 26th March 1998 in Kyoto, Japan.

Satoko is the 2015 World Silver Medalist and 2018 World Bronze Medalist, 2014-2017 National Champion, 2016 Four Continents Champion, and the 2015 & 2016 Grand Prix Final Silver Medalist. She is a four-time Japanese champion.

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Personal Best Total Score219.71ISU GP Skate America 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program76.08ISU GP NHK Trophy 2018
Personal Best Score Free Skating145.85ISU GP Skate America 2018

Personal Best Total Score222.382018 Olympic Games
Personal Best Score Short Program75.942018 Olympic Games
Personal Best Score Free Skating146.442018 Olympic Games



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SP Music: Gnossiene No.1, Metamorphosis II by Erik Satie, Philip Glass

FS Music: Tosca by Giacomo Puccini

Japanese National Championships 20206 (66.48)3 (143.27)3 (209.75)X


SP Music: Yalla, Tabla & Percussion Solo - Egyptian Disco (Buddha Bar edit) by Zwirek, Bashir Abdel Aal, David Visan

FS Music: Theme of Schindler's List, Prelude in C sharp minor

Bavarian Open 20201 (66.11)1 (125.91)1 (192.02)
Japanese National Championships 20192 (70.11)6 (121.32)4 (191.43)
Rostelecom Cup 20196 (63.09)4 (129.33)4 (194.42)X
Cup Of China 20192 (68.91)2 (142.27)2 (211.18)
Japan Open 2019-4 (134.94)2 (team)
US International Skating Classic 20191 (74.16)2 (130.14)1 (204.30)


SP Music: "Song for the Little Sparrow" by Abel Korzeniowski

FS Music: "Invierno Porteno" by Astor Piazzolla

World Championships 20198 (70.60)6 (145.35)6 (215.95)X
Bavarian Open 20192 (67.79)1 (136.77)1 (204.56)
Japanese National Championships 20181 (76.76)4 (146.58)3 (223.34)
Grand Prix Final 20186 (67.52)6 (133.79)6 (201.31)
NHK Trophy 20182 (76.08)2 (143.39)2 (219.47)
Skate America 20181 (73.86)1 (145.85)1 (219.17)
Japan Open 2018-3 (127.99)1 (team)
US International Skating Classic 20181 (67.53)1 (133.70)1 (201.23)


SP Music: "Memoirs of a Geisha" by John Williams

FS Music: "Madama Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini

World Championships 20183 (74.36)3 (135.72)3 (210.08)
Olympic Games 2018 Individual Event4 (75.94)4 (146.44)4 (222.38)
Olympic Games 2018 Team Event4 (68.95)--
Four Continents Championships 20181 (71.74)3 (135.28)3 (207.02)X
Japanese National Championships 20172 (73.23)1 (147.16)1 (220.39)X
Grand Prix Final 20173 (74.61)4 (138.88)5 (213.49)X
Skate America 20171 (70.72)1 (143.31)1 (214.03)X
NHK Trophy 20176 (65.05)6 (126.75)5 (191.80)X


SP Music: "Musetta's Waltz" from "La Boheme" by Giacomo Puccini

FS Music: "The Planets" by Gustav Holst & "Star Wars" OST

Japanese National Championships 20161 (76.49)1 (138.38)1 (214.87)X
Grand Prix Final 20163 (74.64)2 (143.69)2 (218.33)X
NHK Trophy 20163 (64.20)2 (133.80)2 (198.00)X
Skate Canada 20165 (65.24)3 (126.84)3 (192.08)X
Japan Open 2016-2 (143.39)1 (team)X
US International Skating Classic 20161 (70.09)1 (136.66)1 (206.75)

SP Music: "Firedance" by Bill Whelan
FS Music: "Un Sospiro" by Franz Liszt

Team Challenge Cup 20163 (73.28)2 (145.02)2 (218.30)*X
World Championships 20166 (70.72)3 (139.89)5 (210.61)X
Four Continents Championships 20161 (72.48)1 (142.43)1 (214.19)X
Japanese National Championships 20151 (73.24)1 (139.59)1 (212.83)X
Grand Prix Final 20154 (68.76)2 (140.09)2 (208.85)X
NHK Trophy 20151 (69.53)1 (133.58)1 (203.11)X
Skate America 20153 (65.12)3 (122.95)3 (188.07)X
Japan Open 2015-2 (134.67)1 (team)
US International Skating Classic 20151 (63.48)1 (120.16)1 (183.64)

*total score not counted

SP Music: "The Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
FS Music: "Miss Saigon" OST by Claude-Michel Schoenberg

World Team Trophy 20156 (60.52)3 (129.12)3 (189.64)X ; X
World Championships 20153 (67.02)4 (126.58)2 (183.60)X
Four Continents Championships 20151 (64.84)2 (116.75)2 (181.59)X
Japanese National Championships 20142 (64.48)1 (131.12)1 (195.60)X
NHK Trophy 20144 (60.69)2 (118.33)3 (179.02)X
Skate Canada 20144 (60.22)3 (121.53)3 (181.75)X
Japan Open 2014-2 (131.94)3 (team)
Lombardia Trophy 20141 (58.12)1 (125.78)1 (183.90)

SP Music: "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" OST by Ryuichi Sakamoto
FS Music: "Poeta" by Vincente Amigo

Gardena Spring Trophy 201462.18105.041 (164.22)
World Junior Championships 20144 (63.57)4 (114.12)4 (177.69)X
Four Continents Championships 20144 (60.27)2 (126.06)2 (186.53)X
Japanese National Championships 20134 (66.52)5 (125.06)4 (191.58)X
Rostelecom Cup 20136 (56.57)6 (109.19)5 (165.76)X
NHK Trophy 20136 (58.39)5 (111.81)5 (170.21)X
Asian Trophy 20131 (54.43)1 (115.42)1 (169.85)

SP Music: "Voice of Spring Waltz" (Frühlingsstimmen Walzer) by Johann Strauss Jr./ “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens
FS Music: "Romeo and Juliet" and "Adagio"

World Junior Championships 20136 (52.16)8 (95.26)7 (147.42)X
Japanese National Championships 20123 (60.19)3 (120.36)3 (180.55)
Junior Grand Prix Final 20125 (49.60)5 (108.14)5 (157.74)X
Japanese Junior National Championships 20121 (61.31)1 (111.37)1 (172.68)
Junior Grand Prix Bosphorus 20126 (46.62)2 (96.74)3 (143.36)
Junior Grand Prix Lake Placid 20121 (54.76)1 (106.89)1 (161.65)
Junior Asian Trophy 20122 (49.29)1 (98.92)1 (148.21)

SP Music: "Por Una Cabeza" from the "Scent of a Woman" OST by Thomas Harris
FS Music: "Mother Goose Suite" by Maurice Ravel

World Junior Championships 20124 (52.97)6 (104.81)4 (157.78)X
Japanese National Championships 201115 (47.06)3 (116.79)6 (163.85)
Japanese Junior National Championships 20111 (56.76)1 (115.41)1 (172.17)
Junior Grand Prix Walter Lombardi 20117 (44.91)3 (98.33)5 (143.24)
Junior Grand Prix Baltic Cup 20112 (56.46)2 (105.74)2 (162.20)


Novice Triglav Trophy 201135.3273.072 (108.39)
Japanese Junior National Championships 201010 (43.74)4 (96.49)4 (140.23)
Japanese Novice A National Championships 2010-2 (83.96)2 (83.96)
Kinki Regionals (Novice A) 2010-1 (83.68)1 (83.68)


Novice Triglav Trophy 201038.3090.852 (129.15)
Japanese Junior National Championships 20094 (48.32)6 (82.67)4 (130.99)
Japanese Novice A National Championships 2009-4 (75.25)4 (75.25)
Kinki Regionals (Novice A) 2009-3 (75.93)3 (75.93)


Japanese Novice B National Championships 2008-1 (63.38)1 (63.38)
Kinki Regionals (Novice B) 2008-1 (62.36)1 (62.36)


Japanese Novice B National Championships 2007-1 (66.03)1 (66.03)
Kinki Regionals (Novice B) 2007-3 (52.81)3 (52.81)


Exhibition to "One More Try" at THE ICE 2016

Exhibition to "Hernando's Hideaway" with Stephane Lambiel at Fantasy on Ice 2016

Exhibition to "Bang Bang Bang" by Big Bang with Japanese Champion and coach Yamato Tamura at Friends on Ice 2015

Exhibition to “The Man I Love” at 2015 World Championships. March 2015

Exhibition to "Let Her Go" by Jasmine Thompson at the 2014 Skate Canada

Exhibition to "Solace" by Vanessa Mae at the 2013 NHK Trophy

Exhibition to "Sympathique" by Pink Martini at the 2012 World Team Trophy

Exhibition to "Por Una Cabeza" at the 2011 World Dream Skaters On Ice

Exhibition to the "Pink Panther" at the 2008 Ageon Cup gala

Interview from 2012 – in Japanese but fun clips of her skating

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Yuzuru Hanyu 1st, Satoko Miyahara 2nd, Shoma Uno 3rd at Grand Prix Final, December 2015

Shoma Uno places 2nd, Satoko Miyahara 3rd at Skate America, November 2015

Miyahara rises to occasion, collects first title, December 2014
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On the Ice
Mar 5, 2014
I started to pay attention to her after watching her 4CC SP this year. Just love the way she moves on the ice, though her jumps lack height and aren't that pleasing to my eyes. However her lightness and gracefulness just moves me.

Super happy for her LP at Skate Canada. Just wonderful! Great start for the season!

Maria Victoria

Record Breaker
Jan 10, 2014
Satoko really won me over this season with her "Miss Saigon" free program. I think she has a real chãnce to ẅin Japanese Nationals this December, and I am saying that as a Kanako fan.


Final Flight
Feb 10, 2014
I love that she expresses the music with her skates! She deserves a fan thread. :)
Not just with her skates, but especially her arms down to the very tip of her fingers. I don't use the word "exquisite" very often, but there you go. I think her LP is a wonderful package for her. :)

She's also going to NHK?


On the Ice
Nov 8, 2013
Not just with her skates, but especially her arms down to the very tip of her fingers.

I completely agree with you! I just emphasized the skates because that's the aspect that matters the most to me, and I feel that skaters often attempt to compensate for a lack of expression with the skates by doing extra upper-body movement. I know that's something I was guilty of :). She will be at NHK. I'm excited to see her.


Record Breaker
Jul 27, 2003
I'm so utterly taken with this girl. Her musicality kills me, in the best way possible. I've always enjoyed her and rooted for her since her junior debut, but this year she has become so amazingly expressive that I'm turning into an uber. Everybody is so critical of her small jumps and even for BEING small, but I don't care. Because for me, I don't even need her to jump at all - the rest of her skating is THAT good.

A revisit of her junior debut SP. This first made me a fan:


Record Breaker
Apr 16, 2014
I loved her Miss Saigon LP. :yes: I'm a wee bit worried about the packaging her team went with for the SP, but she's very promising, and I look forward to seeing more of her.

And it's always great to watch someone who can spin both directions.


Feb 18, 2014
I also liked the "Miss Saigon" program and yes, she's very musical. :clap:

Did anyone else think Tara sounded too critical of Satoko? Can't remember the exact words, but there was something in the tone of her voice that sounded unnecessarily harsh. :scratch:


Final Flight
Jun 7, 2014
What did Tara say, do you have the link? I watched the Euro sport so I don't know about NBC.

Anyways I just love Satoko'a Miss Saigon. Best choreography of this season so far. She did even better than Japan Open. Very wonderful. I might sound critical towards her but overall I love her LP very much. Not so much about her SP, I wish they changed the dress for her.

I wonder about Satoko's coach. How they work on her jumps. I've read somewhere that her jumps has not much height because of the technique and it can be fixed (her toe peick or something like that).

Mie Hamada's students are elegant but weak at jumps, but Satoko has been sent to Kulik's training camp, together with Shoma to work on her jumps for the past summers. She also went to Colorado, probably to work on choreography and refine her musical interpretation. Can her jumps get higher? I assume she doesn't have much elevation because her muscles are tiny, but then I'm no jump expert.
Ms Hamada seems to be humble and aware of her strength and weakness as a coach and I love that she's open to letting her students working with other specialists to work on their weak areas. She also said that Satoko wasn't the most skilled student in her class, but she's the most hardworking student she's ever had and the only time Hamada ever saw her cry is when she had to finish practice early because of her mother's job . You can tell from previous seasons that Satoko's musicality didn't come naturally and she really had to work hard for that. Satoko has won me over since her "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence".


Final Flight
Jun 7, 2014
She's like Akiko Suzuki in a small body. I notice that Satoko's still wearing braces. From my observation, shy tiny girls like Satoko will look very beautiful in their 20s. Let's see if my prediction comes true :).


Final Flight
Jun 7, 2014
Btw, is NHK ladies the most competitive event of this season? There'll be Zijun, Alena, Adelina, Polina, Gracie and Satoko. 6 talented skaters, only 3 medals up for grabs :eek:


On the Ice
Mar 5, 2014
Btw, is NHK ladies the most competitive event of this season? There'll be Zijun, Alena, Adelina, Polina, Gracie and Satoko. 6 talented skaters, only 3 medals up for grabs :eek:

Plus Kanako.

It's going to be interesting and exciting for sure. I think if Satoko fixes her lip / flutz and her URs, there is a chance of her earning a medal there and at Nats. Heck, she might even win gold at Nats, which is what I'm predicting.


On the Ice
Feb 10, 2014
Plus Kanako.

It's going to be interesting and exciting for sure. I think if Satoko fixes her flutz and her URs, there is a chance of her earning a medal there and at Nats. Heck, she might even win gold at Nats, which is what I'm predicting.

At this point, she might be the favourite for Nats. She's my second favorite jp lady after Wakaba :) But isn't her problem lipping rather than flutzing? Her lip isn't too bad either.


On the Ice
Mar 5, 2014
^ In SC, it was lip. I'm thinking back to a couple years back when she had the flutz problem in JGP. Should probably clarify that in my post though. Thanks!