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May 20, 2015
FINALLY! Here's a thread about this awesome skater - and an even more superb human being!


Scott Hamilton is a four time World and U.S. National Champion (1981-1984) and the 1984 Olympic Champion!

Scott is also a 1980 Olympian (5th place) and had the honor of being the flag bearer for the United States in the opening ceremony.

Scott had an insanely successful professional skating career. He co-founded, co-produced and performed in Stars on Ice for fifteen years before retiring from the tour in 2001. Scott has also been a figure skating commentator for CBS and NBC.

Scott is still extremely involved in figure skating as well as many charities. He founded The Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation, which does in a lot of work in cancer education, research, survivorship, and support.

Scott Hamilton:
Official Website
Official Facebook

The Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation:
Official website

There are WAY too many great YouTube videos of Scott to post all the links here, but I found this playlist that has around 200 videos: Popular Scott Hamilton & Ice Skating Videos
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Aug 12, 2014
Watching the CBS coverage of TCC in April made me realize anew how much I miss Scott and his commentary. For one thing, I just love to hear his voice!

His exuberance for all things figure skating is so infectious, and it goes way beyond mere enthusiasm. He's fair and points out where a skater has a challenge; at the same time he's unfailingly generous with praise for what they do well.

In the video I have linked below, at 2:45 Scott is surprised and thrilled by something, and he doesn't hesitate to show it and explain why it's so extraordinary. Watch to the end to hear how he continues to analyze and appreciate: "... the hardest place to skate, and she owned the room." Earlier, he spoke about using music and movement to cast a spell; so his commentary includes both aspects: technical and artistry.

Yea, Scott. You do so much for the sport and you extend that to the world of healing.:love:


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Jan 28, 2013
One of the things that I like most about Scott Hamilton is his work ethic.

In 1980 Olympics, he finished behind Robin Cousins, Jan Hoffman, Charlie Tickner, and David Santee. He was the third American on the team.

A year later, he was World Champion. Granted, the medalists retired from eligible competition, but the expectation was certainly that Santee would win the following year.

Rather than "waiting his turn", Scott skated a breakout performance at US Nats to win, and was undefeated from there until his retirement.


May 20, 2015
Scott is has a pretty busy schedule this fall! :yay:

Scott will be the emcee at Kristi Yamagauchi's Always Dream Foundation Gala on 10/8. Instagram Post. Post from Always Dream Foundation.

Kristi will also be co-hosting with Scott for his ScottHamiliton CARES Foundation ice show on 11/20. It's pretty cool that Sheryl Crow will be the musical guest. I can't find the skating lineup yet, though - but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be impressive.

Scott also posted a tribute to golf legend Arnold Palmer.


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Oct 12, 2015
You have got to be kidding me... oh, Scott. Well, he is one strong cookie with the right attitude. All the best to him.

What a showman. SOI has not been the same since he (and his indomitable personality) retired from the show. Those were the glory days and all skating shows changed because of what he and his friends put on the ice.