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Should we upgrade my daughters skates?


Nov 1, 2023
So my 7 year old daughter has been progressing very well since we got her into private lessons. Our rink uses the ISI Level System and she currently is working on her Gamma testing. On top of that she is already being taught some higher level skills while she is perfecting her current skills to pass the test and she has started to work a lot on her waltz jumps.

What concerns me is because she is progressing so fast I feel like she is probably underbooted at this point she is currently skating in Jackson Mystiques.

She is about 60 pounds and has a Greek Foot type with her feet being a little wide and has very low arches.

She only got the Mystiques back in the beginning of November when she started private lessons so they are about 7 months old.

We did get her professionally fitted but back then because she had not really started working on jumps yet the fitter almost put here in a pair of Elle’s but thought that might be an overboot and said the Mystiques were right at the time.

The fitter also sells Edna and Risport but also said with her foot type (wide with low arches) that at her current skill level at the time he thought Jackson’s were best.

I am proud of her that she has been progressing so quickly but also want to make sure she has the right skates so she can also stay safe with her current skill level and what she is learning so wondering if I should be looking to get her new skates (going with something like the Elle or something of a similar stiffness in another brand).