Skaters Who Competed at Olympics Before Worlds


On the Ice
Feb 14, 2018
Yang Jin also went to 18 Olympics before he went to worlds.
15 worlds, he and Yu were replaced by Pang/Tong
16 worlds, he and Yu were replaced by Wang/Wang
17 worlds, he and Peng were doing good in GPs but China had only two spots so Sui/Han and Yu/Zhang went there.

Petrushko Sashenko

Sep 13, 2020
I was watching Kaori Sakamoto's FS from DOI when I randomly recalled that she made her Olympics debut in 2018 and her worlds debut in 2019. Are there any other skaters who competed at the Olympics before competing at their first Worlds? (I recall Mirai Nagasu did this too, but anyone else?)
Sasha Cohen!