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Skates for a complete beginner - adult?


May 31, 2017
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I couldn't figure out where to ask. I'm turning 23 in a few months and I just recently picked up ice skating (about 3 months ago). I've never skated before, so I just bought some skates (Tempish Chic Plus, a Czech brand that costs like 40 Euro) and I go to public skating sessions about 2-3 times a week for 2 hours. I'm not too athletic, so it took me some time to get confident on the ice (getting a coach here is beyond impossible at my time disponibility and age) so I'm just getting started on my forward crossovers and backwards skating.
So I'm also graduating university in a few weeks and my mom said she would buy me better skates as a graduation present. So I've been looking to get something of a better quality, since I'm planning to keep skating aftter the summer break and so on. I'm not on a exactly tight budget and the beginner skates don't cost THAT much.
After some research of what is available here, I've got a few candidates:
  • Edea Overture
  • Risport RF Light
  • Jackson Classique
  • Edea Preludio
Now, from what I've gathered, important thing is stiffnes and width. I don't have particulary slim feet (but not too fat either I think?), so I think that maybe rules out Risport, as I've heard that they are quite narrow. I really like how Jacksons look and how high they seem to reach on the leg, however the Classique model comes with Ultima Mirage blade mounted and the toe pick just seems so intimidating (even so because my hockey-playing stepdad had my lowest tooth on toe pick sharpened flat - it's not there, so I'll have to adjust to having it) !! So I've turned my attention to Edeas, as they suppossedly fit anybody with 'standard' feet and they come separatedly, so I could have them mounted with the Mark IV blade that I think is the best option for me.
Important thing to mention is that I am an adult, about 169cm and I am neither fat nor slim, but I weigh around 62-65 kg so I think I'm on a heavy side of skaters? I am not planning on going competitive, I would just really like to learn to skate very well and maybe a few tricks that don't involve jumping (I think my absolute future limit would be single jumps) so I gather I don't need particularly stiff boots, however, like I mentioned I consider myself somewhat heavy so I think the mid range stiffnes like Overture would be fine for me? The other option is the Preludio model, which is written as 'soft version' (I think the stiffnes is 35 while Overture has 48) and they're both designed for 'Amateur and Basic skills up to single jumps' for Preludio and 'Single Jumps/Axels' for Overture. While I heard about 'overbooting', I am not sure if Preludio are stiff enough for someone of my built and age? Risport RF Light and Jackson Classique are suppossedly the same category as the Overtures.
Does anybody have a tip or experience that could help? Or even the blade? I've got to choose between MK Club 2000, Ultima Mark IV or Ultima Mirage, but I'm leaning towards the Mark IV.
The last point is that I don't really have an opportunity to get fitted or try them on, the only shop that I found that would allow me to try the boot sells only Risport, so either way I'll probably end up buying them online.
Thank you so much for your imput and help!!
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