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Oct 20, 2017
Slavik Hayrapetyan (Armenian: Սլավիկ Հայրապետյան), born 16 March 1996 in Yerevan, Armenia) is an Armenian figure skater. A six time Armenian national champion, Slavik has won nine senior international medals and qualified for the free skate at three ISU Championships.

Coach: Samvel Hayrapetyan, Alexei Urmanov
Choreographer: Ekaterina Proskurina

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Personal Best Total Score209.58ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program69.89ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2021 - OWG Qualifying
Personal Best Score Free Skating148.50ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018

SP: The Dance of Peace by Tigran Grigorian
FS: Une vie d’amour by Charles Aznavour; Non je n’ai rien oublie by Charles Aznavour


SP:"The Dance Of Peace" by Tigran Grigoryan performed by Edgar Hakobyan; choreo. by Ekaterina Proskurina
FS: "Une vie d'amour" by Charles Aznavour; "Non, je n'ai rien oublie" by Charles Aznavour; choreo. by Ekaterina Proskurina

2019 Volvo Cup

2019 Tallinn Trophy FS


SP: Caruso performed by Andrea_Bocelli; choreo. by Ekaterina Proskurina
FS: God Bless Armenia by Vig Zartmen ; choreo. by Ekaterina Proskurina

2019 Winter Universiade SP
2019 Winter Universiade FS

2019 MNNT Cup FS

2018 Tallinn Trophy SP
2018 Tallinn Trophy FS


SP:Strangers in the Night performed by Frank Sinatra
FS: God Bless Armenia by Vig Zartmen ; choreo. by Ekaterina Proskurina

2018 Europeans FS

2017 Tallinn Trophy SP
2017 Tallinn Trophy FS

2017 Nebelhorn Trophy SP
2017 Nebelhorn Trophy FS


SP: The Godfather performed by Maksim Mrvica
FS: Flamenco

2017 MNNT Cup SP

2016 Golden Spin of Zagreb SP
2016 Golden Spin of Zagreb FS


SP: Mouse Hunt by Alan Silvestri
FS: Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell

2016 Worlds SP

2016 Sofia Trophy FS

2015 Mordovian Ornament SP
2015 Mordovian Ornament FS


SP: Nostradamus by Maksim Mrvica
FS: Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell

2015 Rostelecom Crystal Skate RU (Juniors) SP

2015 Europeans SP

2014 JGP Tallinn SP
2014 JGP Tallinn FS


SP: Nostradamus by Maksim Mrvica
FS: Day of Doom

2013 JGP Baltic SP
2013 JGP Baltic VS

SP: Jewish folk music
FS: Armenian Both by Ara Gevorgyan

2012 Nordics FS

2012 Europeans SP

2011 JGP Volvo Cup SP
2011 JGP Volvo Cup FS

SP: Charlie Chaplin Medley
FS: Tango

Season 2021-22
2022 European Championships24th
Tallinn Trophy 20213rd
Nebelhorn Trophy 202111th
Armenian Open Championships 20211st
Season 2020-21
Tallink Hotels Cup 20204th
Season 2019-20
2020 Tallink Hotels Cup4th
2020 Europeans18th
2019-20 Armenian Championships1st
2019 Tallinn Trophy4th
2019 Volvo Open Cup10th
Season 2018-19
2019 World Championships31st
2019 Winter Universiade9th
2019 Europeans26th
2019 MNNT Cup6th
2018 CS Alpen Trophy14th
2018 CS Tallinn Trophy4th
2018 CS U.S. Classic5th
2018 Ice Star3rd
Season 2017-18
2018 Coupe Printemps6th
2018 Worlds23rd
2018 Europeans15th
2018 Armenian Champ.1st
2018 FBMA Trophy1st
2017 CS Nebelhorn12th
2017 CS Ondrej Nepela13th
2017 CS Tallinn Trophy8th
Season 2016-17
2017 Worlds35th
2017 Europeans21st
2017 MNNT Cup8th
2017 Armenian Champ.1st
2017 Coupe Printemps3rd
2017 Sofia Trophy3rd
2016 CS Golden Spin14th
2016 CS Tallinn Trophy12th
Season 2015-16
2016 Worlds30th
2016 Europeans31st
2015 CS Denkova-Stav.8th
2015 CS Mordovian7th
2015 CS Tallinn Trophy13th
2016 MNNT Cup2nd
2016 Armenian Champ.1st
2016Sarajevo Open5th
2016 Sofia Trophy1st
Season 2014-15
2015 Europeans25th
2014 CS Warsaw Cup15th
2015 Sarajevo Open2nd
2014 Tallinn Trophy3rd
2015 Junior Worlds24th
2014 JGP Croatia12th
2014 JGP Estonia16th
Crystal Skate (Junior)1st J
RU Crystal Skate (Junior)4th J
2015 Armenian Champ.1st
Season 2013-14
2014 Junior Worlds29th
2013 Ice Challenge11th
2013 Ice Star5th
2013 Nebelhorn Trophy28th
2014 Seibt Memorial7th
2013 Warsaw Cup7th
2013 JGP Czech Rep.14th
2013 JGP Poland22nd
Season 2012-13
2013 Junior Worlds21st
2013 Bavarian Open20th
2013 Gardena13th
2013 Seibt Memorial8th
Season 2011-12
2012 Worlds36th
2012 Junior Worlds26th
2012 Bavarian Open5th
2012 Nordics7th
2011 Tallinn Trophy2nd
JGP 2011 JGP Latvia18th
JGP 2011 JGP ]Romania14th
Season 2010-11
2011 Junior Worlds21st P
2010 JGP Czech Rep.17th
2011 MNNT Cup3rd J
2011 Armenian Champ.1st
Season 2009-10
2010 Junior Worlds34th
2009 JGP Belarus14th
2009 JGP Poland14th

News Reports

January 2020- Armenia will be represented by 4 athletes at European Figure Skating Championships
This one has great footage of Slavik practicing!

January 2020
Figure skater Slavik Hayrapetyan to participate in European Figure Skating Championship January 21-27
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Mar 3, 2015
He is wonderful... beautiful 3A, very musical.. adding him to my favorites to watch!! Thank you..


Record Breaker
Oct 20, 2017
Rough short skate today, but still a wonderful skate. But don't loose faith. Next season will be a breakthrough. I have faith. :)


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Oct 20, 2017
Nice photo from gala dinner. Slavik, Gabby, Yuzuru and Evgenia. :)


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Oct 20, 2017
Good luck tomorrow with the Short program. :pray: that he makes the free skate. :cheer: