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Sofia Akatieva


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Oct 16, 2017
Youtube blocks any attempts to reupload videos from Ice Age. :(

A short retelling of these videos:

* Sofia is 10, skating since 4.
* She's from Moscow. At first no one was accepting her (I think she means the prominent schools), but she was working really hard anyway.
* She has already won a number of competitions, now she wants to win Europeans, Worlds and Olympics.

First round:
* Sofia skated to "It's Oh So Quiet" sung by Bjork.
* She did 3Lz-3T and fell on 3F. After her program, TAT asked her to jump 3F again, and she did it perfectly.
* She wanted to get to the team of Tatiana Navka (within the show), but was accidentally appointed to Roman Kostomarov. :) Roman promised to add tenderness and emotions to her skating.

Second round:
* After the successful first round, her parents bought her 3 rats.
* She skated to Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) by Rob Dougan, from The Matrix.
* In her program she stepped out on her 3F, then jumped an okayish 3Lo-3T.

Third round:
* Skated to Secrets by Jennifer Thomas.
* She said thanks to her fan club for their support and showed a letter from a fan from China.
* Her program was about a bird that was hit by a car, she flew back to her nestlings and died there.
* She jumped 3F and 2A, both were perfect.

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Aug 25, 2017

Also... girl was robbed... I sure hope she gets some sort of comeback card...


Jun 19, 2018
So, Alyona is minister of information, Alina minister of sport, Sasha minister of aviation and so on :)

Unfortunately, Alena has not written anything for nine days in her ask. Probably Supreme Ruler of Eteristan descended iron curtain.:laugh:
But I'm sure that Alena publishes an underground newspaper in Novogorsk :biggrin:

Spirals for Miles

Anna Shcherbakova is my World Champion
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Aug 25, 2017
What a cutie! Happy birthday to one of the most talented skaters Russia has ever seen! Let's hope 11 is as successful as 10 (and comes with quads?! :biggrin:)