Some video examples of Theatre on Ice


Final Flight
Oct 31, 2006
Here are some random videos from YouTube showing various Theatre on Ice teams performing.
Going straight to YouTube and putting Theatre on Ice in the search bar will yield numerous videos, from all levels!

2017 Nationals Los Angeles Ice Theatre Senior Long Program
(never seen that many skaters execute axels at the same time!)

2018 US Theatre On Ice Nationals, Firebird Free Skate, Senior

Wicked - Choreographic Exercise - 2012 Theatre on Ice Nationals - Space Coast Hurricanes Adult Team
Notice the team is wearing black unitards as this event concentrates on elements. A specific CE theme is designated each year. The CE is similar to the short program in singles skating.

Theatre on Ice Act 1 of Boston (2012)
Notice the back drop during this event. Big backdrop sets are now going by the wayside.