Spin level features


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Mar 15, 2015
Hi everyone! I am currently reading the Spins levels section in the technical handbook. I need help to identify the features of the spins.

So the features include;
1) Difficult variations (count as many times as performed with limitations specified below)
2) Change of foot executed by jump
3) Jump within a spin without changing feet
4) Difficult change of position on the same foot
5) Difficult entrance into a spin
6) Clear change of edge in sit (only from backward inside to forward outside), camel, Layback and
Biellmann position
7) All 3 basic positions on the second foot
8) Both directions immediately following each other in sit or camel spin
9) Clear increase of speed in camel, sit, layback or Biellmann position
10) At least 8 rev. without changes in position/variation, foot or edge (camel, layback, difficult
variation of any basic position or for combinations only non-basic position)
11) Difficult variation of flying entry in flying spins/spins with a flying entrance (see Clarifications)

Additional features for the Layback spin:
12) One clear change of position backwards-sideways or reverse, at least 2 rev. in each position
(counts also if the Layback spin is a part of any other spin)
13) Biellmann position after Layback spin (SP – after 8 revolutions in layback spin)

While I understand the features themselves, I am a little bit confused when I see the actual spin because I cannot spot out all the features. Thus I would like to have some help here.

In Mikhail's SP at Rostelecom he received a Level 4 on all spins. Could anyone please tell me which features did he hit in each spin? Thank you in advance for your help!


Apr 2, 2016
My spin rule knowledge is kind of rusty, especially on flying entries because they change the rules every year, but I think this is mostly correct.

1st spin) Flying entry, difficult change position/variation (into back bullet spin (or whatever you want to call it)), held for 8 revolutions, change position (into back mushroom).

2nd spin) Difficult variation (camel layover), change of foot executed by jump, difficult variation (donut spin)

3rd spin) I believe he hit the levels with all of the position changes. Back camel--> back intermediate (couldn't do a back sit b/c he already did one in the first spin) --> back upright variation--> forward broken leg --> forward layback/haircutter

For the first one, I believe all flying sit entries count.. its just normal flying camel entries that don't... idk they change it a lot. Also, just a simple back entry used to be a feature :( Spin level rules have gotten so much harder, lol.

Hope this helps!

Edit: I forgot to put change of edge for 2nd spin.


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Jan 1, 2013
Just brushed up recently on my spin levels, so let's have a crack.

Spin 1
- flying entry (difficult) - he reaches full sit position in the air
- sit forward - shotgun or bullet position, with head to knee and leg straight
- held for 8 - in shotgun position
- sit behind - tuck behind free leg

Spin 2
- camel up - shoulders sufficiently rotated enough to be an up instead of a side
- outside edge - obvious
- flying change of foot - obvious
- camel sideways - shoulders in sideways position

Spin 3
- intermediate position - obvious
- upright forward - free leg in front with a catch
- sit side - broken leg spin
- upright sideways - semi-haircutter (does not achieve full haircutter status) with sufficient core alteration and shoulder position

No difficult position change features awarded IMO.


Mar 29, 2018
I am quite confused about how to reach level four. How many features does skater need to reach to get level 4?


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Jan 1, 2013
Probably a weird reference but sometimes fans do annotated videos of skaters. One comprehensive one recently was Yuzuru Hanyu's 2017 Worlds FS. It also lists every feature in each spin so you can take a look as it happens real time. Also covers jump grading and footwork annotations if you were interested. Here's the link :)


Agreed, but you have to be very careful with annotated videos on Youtube; some are done by fans who have ulterior motives and are occasionally deliberately inaccurate.