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stay connected with coaches


On the Ice
Jan 10, 2018
I can’t ask my skater how the things going. She will say “good” and that’s all. I used to have some casual chats with coaches from time to time, like after lessons or in rink events. But after COVID, parents are not allowed to enter the rink. I didn’t really meet my skater’s coach ever since lockdown in last March. We do text about changing schedule, being late, and etc. But email/text about the porgress seems to be too formal. I was wondering how other parents keep communication with their coaches?


Final Flight
Oct 31, 2020
I'm still the daughter not the parent but I found that when my mother asks more specific questions (for example: "What jumps did you work on today?" or "Did you change anything in the program?") I'm much, much more likely to tell her about my entire practice and progress. It's a teenager thing; we don't like talking in detail to our parents. It will pass I'm sure, but for now, gotta dig deeper.

As for talking to the coach, I asked my mother and she said that she just texts him. Coaches are used to questions like this. They won't be upset or think it's weird. It's part of their job to inform the parent on how their child is doing and text is certainly nor formal though it does feel weird at first when you're used to meeting in person.


Jul 2, 2020
I have a teenage skater too and exact same situation. Agree with the advice to ask your child more specific questions and see if that gets you details. :) But also, since I can’t observe practice or casually connect with the coaches in the rink afterwards, I have a couple times sent a text to a coach requesting a 10 minute check in chat in the parking lot to get an update on progress. They’ve been happy to do it. I only have asked for this maybe every 6-8 weeks which seems reasonable to me. I can ask questions, get the other side of the story from what the teenager says, etc.