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Stephane Lambiel


Apr 23, 2017
For what I understand he changes them every year, right?

Not exactly. I don't follow his ice shows thoroughly, just have been watching what appears on youtube, but I'm convinced that however he creates at least two new programs a year, he likes to return to his old programs. So very often there is one new and one old program for the particular ice show (and the set changes every show). What doesn't mean that - even when he skates an old program - this is the same program all the time. Lately he returned to his "Four Seasons" just to skate it together with Shoma.
I remember a program he performed only once while there are several programs he's been performing from time to time (like my favorite "Ne me quite pas"). So there are no rules (besides one: to please and surprise the audience).

As you try to watch Stephane's "everything", I'd recommend my absolute favorite video from practicing: "My body is my cage", performed so beautifully that I could't find more touching version, even from shows.


On the Ice
May 4, 2018
My first approach was a bit random: I listed his programs and searched for them, but didn't really realize when or where they were performed. Then I went for chronological order, tracking all his shows, and the pattern was clearer. :laugh:

Btw, thank you for the link, it's a wonderful performance! Ne me quitte pas is my favourite too, it moves me everytime I watch it :sad21:


On the Ice
Feb 14, 2014
Just returned from Zürich where I was at 'his' Art On Ice show on Saturday. I really enjoyed his 2 new performances, one to a song by Stefanie Heinzmann and the other to James Blunt's song. Amazing. And a quad toe in the finale. His performances are already on YouTube.


Ice Is Slippery - Alexie Yagudin
Record Breaker
Jul 28, 2003
Always loved Stéphane Poeta program. His straight line footwork and headless spin!!! are excellent spin!!!



Mar 3, 2022
Miss Saigon collab with Shizuka and Satton at FOI this past weekend

This Bitter Earth
very different performance compared to previous ones "this bitter earth may not be so bitter after all"