Synchro / hybrid blade options


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On the Ice
May 27, 2018
Hi it's me again, asking more blade questions! I would love to hear from anyone who skates in a synchro blade - how are your spins? Do you feel stable on landings? What's the toepick like?

I'm especially interested in:
1) MK Dynasty (though not thrilled about the 8ft rocker)
2) Jackson's Apex Synchro TB110
3) SkateScience synchro

For backstory, I'm on a possibly elusive quest for a blade that will allow me to dance and do freestyle. Sure, I could just use a freestyle blade for my dances as I'm not at a high enough dance level to *need* the shorter heel, but I like how easy it is to turn/maneuver/spin in dance blades and am looking for that same feeling, but with a solid toepick that works for jumps through axel.

Thanks in advance! :love: