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Synchronized skating trouble?


Apr 20, 2015
I am very new to synchronized skating, and all my other team members have been doing it for a while. I am picking up on how to do the steps connected, open and closed blocks and stuff like that but I really can't do a moving circle, or even a circle not moving. I keep falling, and its embarrassing and I am getting so annoyed! Does anyone who does synchronized skating have any tips on how to skate in a moving/or not circle?


Mar 1, 2012
A mistake common in circles is not keeping your hips under yourself - not sure if this applies in your case or not :) Make sure that you tuck your hips under and that you are pulling out with your upper body (not letting your shoulders be pulled into the circle).

If it is a travelling/moving circle you have to learn the different points in the circle where you skate outside or inside the person in front of you. Has your coach explained these travelling points at all to you?

Good luck! :)


Oct 27, 2006
Also, be sure to turn your totally in the direction you are travelling. New synchro skaters have a tendency to look in the middle of the circle or look down at their feet and that will also throw you off balance. Circles are hard because what you do will vary slightly by where you are in the circle. But stick with it. You'll get there.