Synchronized skating trouble?


Apr 20, 2015
I am very new to synchronized skating, and all my other team members have been doing it for a while. I am picking up on how to do the steps connected, open and closed blocks and stuff like that but I really can't do a moving circle, or even a circle not moving. I keep falling, and its embarrassing and I am getting so annoyed! Does anyone who does synchronized skating have any tips on how to skate in a moving/or not circle?


Final Flight
Nov 13, 2012
Most of my daughter's team had private lessons with the synchro coaches to fix problem areas. Maybe even a 15-20 minute lesson really helps.

One thing to think about is smaller feet. My daughter only did singles and could really take up a lot of space. She had to learn to skate with her feet much neater in synchro.

So my suggestion is to see about getting a short lesson before or after practice.


Jul 26, 2018
Hello qiao,
I have been doing Synchro for a long time, and since you’re just starting out I am coming to the conclusion that you probably aren’t doing a traveling circle your first year, unless you did singles for a while before-hand in which case that would be a different story.
So, I would agree with loopy here. Practice making your crossovers neater and instead of stepping over, which a lot of skaters have the tendency to do when they are starting crossovers, push out behind you at 5 o’clock and push your foot under to get more power. My guess is it isn’t the fault of those around you, and rather your lack of good technique. It never hurts to point your toes! Try practicing on a circle outside of practice, do some arm and ab workouts, and take a ballet class. The circle will help you get used to the feeling of skating in such a manner, the arm workouts will assist you in keeping your arms strong within a circle (which a lot of coaches complain about, at least on my team),and the ab workouts and the ballet classes will help you with keeping your core strong and balancing when in the circle. This regime will also greatly help all your other skating skills, Synchro related or not.