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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
I decided I will start one thread for all the family.

A team of champions!

Totmianina and Marinin (Olympic C, 2 WC)
Navka and Kostomarov (Olympic C, 2 WC)
Domnina and Shabalin (WC, Olympic medalists)
Denkova and Staviski (2 WC)
Petrova and Tikhonov (WC)
Drobyazko and Vanagas
Polishuk and Besedin (WC in ice acrobatics)
Leonova and Khvalko (2 WC among professionals)
Alexei Yagudin

They learned to be marvelous actors.
They love people, they love each other. They are happy.


the train: Murvanidze, Yagudin, Vanagas, Kuznetsov, Staviski, Khvalko, Tikhonov

They are a family indeed. Petrova can sleep on Yagudin
Tikhonov's comment:
It seems, that we could have a sleep in a train. But I have a problem: I can’t place myself on such a shelf. Though some people can sleep together on it – and they feel fine.

Petrova and Yagudin again and on Tikhonov
Tikhonov, Polina Tikhonova and Liza Yagudina

Actually, it seems Yagudins and Tikhonovs share one wardrobe... (the page is long) the boys the girls

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
This is "Cup of professionals" by Averbukh (2012)

Let's start with Petrova and Tikhonov. They are nice, aren't they?

Petrova and Averbukh (“A dinner with an idiot”)

Domnina and Tikhonov (“But yet I love”)

Petrova and Kostomarov (“28 Days Later”)

Totmianina and Tikhonov (“I’m another tree”)

Drobyazko and Tikhonov (Polonaise)

Petrova and Staviski (“Beyond The Invisible”)

Navka and Tikhonov (“Saragina Rumba”)

Denkova and Tikhonov (“Hallelujah”)

Petrova and Shabalin (“Born To Be Wild”)

Petrova and Marinin (“Cry Me A River”)

Yana Khokhlova and Tikhonov (“Friendly among foes”)

Petrova and Khvalko (“A soldier walks through the town”)

Naomi Lang and Tikhonov (“Without me…”)

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
When Yagudin and Marinin were in Urgant's show, Yagudin was inviting Urgant to skate in the new "Ice Age". Once again.

And actually, Urgant agreed. Where is he? :coffee: (the video)

(Vanya is Urgant's name. "Vanya"="Johnny", "Ivan"="John")

Dear viewers, I don't need to tell who are our guests today.
Alexei Yagudin, Maxim Marinin. Good evening, guys.
I know, that you came for a reason, that you have a concrete proposal... so let's do it now, before the show. Please, tell.

Vanya, well, we were coming to your studio with concrete proposals not once. Now it is 2016. We officially invite you once again to our "Ice Age". You always were refusing. Think a bit. I invite you.

Well, now I should say to you, I always was refusing, but when it is you who invite me, I am ready to make a pair with you, to skate and to win.

Yet we should decide which function will fulfil each of us. It is a pair skating.

Well, we can decide. If you don't mind, I am ready to fulfil any function with pleasure. The main thing...

Don't look at my height. It is not important.

Urgant: So you can lift me?

Yagudin: I'll do it.

Only one problem. Is Ilya Averbukh going to skate?

He is going to be with us. Maybe he won't be skating, but he will be with us.

You know... I'll explain. I'd be skating with pleasure with you or with Maxim. Maxim, Alla was telling about you. I would be ready to skate with Maxim too. Actually, I adore all this... Why can't we skate in pairs, normal adult men. Yet now I want to address Ilya Averbukh. Ilya, I always was dreaming, that man's hands would be lifting me and woman's voice would be whispering: "Don't worry. Come on. I am with you."

The "Ice Age 2016" thread is here:

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
Later Yagudin and Marinin were telling Urgant about their children. (2016)
Maxim's son is skating...

the video (NO subtitles)

Urgant: From 10 June until 2 October the "Carmen" ice musical will be performed again in Sochi. What will be new in this famous show? Let's ask the participants. Welcome! The Olympic champions in the figure skating Maxim Marinin, Alexei Yagudin.

Urgant: I'd like to discuss at once... Hi, Lyosha, Maxim. ("Lyosha" is the short name for Alexei) I'd like to talk about an important point at once. It is not the first time that we meet you here. I can't forget an awesome story, which happened this winter in Sochi... Lyosha and Tanya (Totmianina, Yagudin's wife) should have been our guests, Lyosha was going by plane, the guys exchanged the booked flights to get the ticket for him... and Lyosha hadn't got to our studio. Because of weather, because of something... We tried to communicate by Skype, Lyosha was sitting in the plane... It was a gruesome story. Lyosha, please, tell us, what had really happened. We were sitting with Tanya and Ilia Averbukh... It was a miracle, that we had found Averbukh in Sochi, in some strange company... and we called him to our studio.

Yagudin: Actually, I have nothing to add. It just so happened. I guess, that never in my life I'd fly on purpose to Mineral Waters. Though... why not?
Urgant: Why not? Really. Mineral Waters...

Yagudin: Things didn't go as they were expected, but anyway I came here. Months later. I have been waiting in the plane, the Skype wasn't working...
Urgant: So you've been in Mineral Waters all this time?

Yagudin: Yeah. I've recently landed and came to you at once. Thanks for the invitation.
Urgant: Maxim, what was the most awful situation about a plane in your life?
Marinin: About a plane? Thanks to God, nothing.
Urgant: OK. Anyway you've gone through many trials, you were Alla Mikheyeva's partner in the "Ice Age"...

Marinin: Yes, it was the most hard trial.
Urgant: And we preguess whom of you two a lightning will strike, if it will. And whom it has likely already stricken. Maxim, tell, please, how did you pass through it? Alla tells... She makes a god of you, she says: "Maxim Victorovich"... And etc. Well, who cares what she says.

Marinin: Thanks to Alla, now everybody know my patronymic. When I came to the kindergarden with my daughter's documents, they welcomed me at once with the words: "Maxim Victorovich, we know you..." So... Allochka, thank you! Now when I come to an official institution, everybody call me "Maxim Victorovich".

Urgant: OK. If we started to speak about children... It is the Children's Day today, you are fathers, you have children. Go ahead, tell about your children. What can be more beautiful and touching for women (our auditorium is filled with women today) than men, handsome and talented men, telling something touching about their children? And a tear appears in a man's eye...

Yagudin: I remembered at once the story which had happened a month ago, when we had a rest together... Little Michel stayed at home, so there were three of us: Tanya, me and Liza. Tanya went to have massage. Liza says: "So... maybe I'd go to the room?" I say: "Wait a bit, I'll get dressed, will take the things, and we'll go together..." She says: "Dad, I don't understand, may I be alone for a while, by myself?"
(the girls laugh)

Urgant: How old is she?
Yagudin: 6 years and a half.
Urgant: Liza is 6... Wait a bit, I'll find the picture. First, it shows the thing, which many want to see, when they look at you; your torse. Here is the picture. Here is Michel, Liza. Tanya takes the photo, I guess. So, tell... the photo

Yagudin: You forgot an important member of our family. Varvara Alexeyevna. Varya Varezhka, according to her passport.
Urgant: Varvara Alexeyevna? So her father is Alexei? Oh, you are her father, sorry. Varvara Alexeyevna. You say her name with the patronymic... So I guess, she is older than other girls?

Yagudin: She is older. She is 7 and a half.
Urgant: Tell me, please... By the way. 7 and a half. No kidding? So the children appeared later. What was the dog's reaction?
Yagudin: Her relations with Liza were uneasy. She always got from Liza. She was wary of trouble. This was the first child for her, as this was the first child for us. Her attitude was tough, she used to run away. As for Michel, Varya is always sitting by her side, guarding her and doesn't let anybody to near. She is very tender to Michel.

Yagudin: You know... For me, and I guess for Maxim too (he'll keep me honest), the Olympic medals which we had in the past... now we really can say, that it is the past for us... back then, when we were putting medals on our necks, we were thinking: "This is it! It is likely will be the most unforgettable..."
Urgant: Among those things which will be hanging on your necks.

Yagudin: Yes. Time goes by, and you understand... when you have a family, when you have children, you understand: here it is, the real happiness. I guess me and Maxim could take all our medals and give them back just for the opportunity to be fathers, to see our kids growing. And let it be... Maxim also has a daughter, I have two. When you hear one day: "Dad, can you leave me alone, please? May I be by myself?"
Urgant: Wait a bit. Now she is 6 and a half. When she will be 12, she'll say: "Dad, push off!"

Yagudin: These moments, these words are the reason for living.

Urgant: OK. Maxim! Maxim... Now we'd like to speak about yours. First, we have a photo... This is the photo of the older son, as I see. Please, tell us, Maxim. the photo

Marinin: The older son, Artemiy. He is 8 years old.
Urgant: What are you doing on this photo? Please. Where are you?
Marinin: We are in a park. We are skateboarding.

Urgant: See how things work out... On one skateboard. And they don't know, that it is better to look forward, when you are skateboarding. another photo
Urgant: OK, tell me, please... we were speaking about medals, and now we see, that your children start to bring some medals home. The third place?

Marinin: The third place.
Urgant: What is this competition?
Marinin: A Moscow competition.
Urgant: Which sport? Sorry about this stupid question. The wrestling?
Marinin: The figure skating. Second-class junior degree.

Urgant: Look. Explain, please. Two kids (including your son) are in skates, the first and the third place. And the boy who took the second place, is in sports shoes. How could it happen?
Yagudin: He is doped.
Urgant: Yeah, thank you! Sure. It is the Day, when we defend children.
Yagudin: Well... yet we think about them.

Urgant: OK. Let's speak about the daughter. the photo
Urgant: First, a plus point: the daughter is not in skates. Actually, I don't understand, why you...

Yagudin: You don't understand, because for so many years you say the same; "NO!" to our ice projects. Everybody have already gone through us.
Urgant: Through these skates...
Yagudin: Mitya, Alla...
(He gestures at Mitya Khrustalyov, Mitya and Alla work in Urgant's show)

Urgant: I'll be the last. There will be no more people on the earth, only me.
Mitya Khrustalyov: And the skates.
Yagudin: And it will be our final project.
Urgant: All of you will stand around me, in skates; and I'll stand on the second place, in sports shoes, like that boy.

Urgant: OK. What does your daughter do? Maxim, please. What does she like?
Marinin: She likes dancing. Like her mom. This is a photo from the final concert in the school. She has lessons in the kindergarden and here.

Urgant: Yes, that kindergarden, where you succeeded to get the place for your daughter, because everybody know your patronymic...
Marinin: Thanks to Alla Mikheyeva.

Urgant: Well, so you come to a government institution... you are famous people. Can you just enter and say... They are saying to you: "You know, the situation about the places for children is not simple..." Can you get you medals out? By the way, do you take the medals with you? To put them on a table at once: "I am an Olympic champion!! Give me immediately discount for these Italian shoes!"

Yagudin: Our situation about school is not the same. My older daughter studies in France.
Urgant: So you understood the phrase "leave me alone" literally? You've left her alone in France.

Yagudin: Yeah. Naturally, Liza didn't know the language, it was a problem... Now school rules have been changed. Formerly children were not allowed to bring their toys. During several weeks Liza was crying at school. Naturally, you don't know the language, you are alone, you are left in hands of these French. Now many kids bring their toys.
Marinin: A cruel father.
Yagudin: We should be cruel to them, when they are kids. Later they will be grateful to us.

Urgant: Yeah, keep calming down yourself. Sure. "Dad, I'm so grateful, that you were cruel to me."
Yagudin: I am really grateful to my mom. She wasn't cruel to me, but she was all persuasive about the things which she wanted me to fulfil. (Urgant laughs) This is education. By the way, I had graduated from school with a silver medal.

Urgant: By the way!
Yagudin: And I am still proud.
Urgant: This is it!

Urgant: About "Carmen".
Yagudin: What should we tell about it?? From 10 June until October.
Urgant: Just a second! A second. You are speaking to me, and it seems you want to send me to a French school too.
Yagudin: We should say it at once.

Urgant: I'd like to say, that this theatrical has got the prize at the Festival Sacred to Oleg Yankovsky, in nomination "for the best artistic invention". We congratulate your theatrical.
Marinin: This appreciation is really important for us.

Urgant: It will be performed in Sochi... Are you going to move again with your families there, to live in that Sochi?
Yagudin: C'est la vie. (Such is life.) That is what I've brought...
Urgant: And your daughter understood you now. Absolutely right.

Urgant: So?
Marinin: So my son who is skating...
Yagudin: Voilà.
Marinin: My son can practice in those perfect conditions, which we have after the Olympics, has a unique opportunity to socialize with such people as Alexei Yagudin.
Urgant: Who plays the role of The Toreador, by the way!
Marinin: Yes.

Urgant: OK. We were speaking about this performance earlier. Tell us, please, what will be new? Maybe for those who have seen it, but would like to come again. What is new? As far as I know, there are some changes, and also Tatiana Totmianina joins you? Is it right?

Yagudin: Yes, now Tanya will be with us. A year ago, happily for me, she was going to become a mother for the second time, I was going to become a father for the second time, so she didn't participate in the performance. This year... I don't know, how many kilometers she has run on a treadmill. She thirsts for being with us again. I want to say, that it is great to get prizes for the thing, which we try to create; but the key point, that it is not just a figure skating show, it is a real theatrical performance. The main thing, that formerly people were arriving to Sochi and thought: "Where can we go? Oh. 'Carmen'..."

Urgant: While the restaurants are not opened yet.
Yagudin: Now I have the information...
Urgant: (tries to guess) they go on purpose!
Yagudin: ... that people fly to Sochi on purpose and book tickets to our theatrical.
Urgant: Therefore hurry up! And now we want to check, how well you know what your kids like. Our "60 seconds" rubric. 😊 happy Liza and her cruel father

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
"Cup of professionals" by Averbukh (2012)

Totmyanina and Marinin

Totmyanina and Staviski Cancao Do Mar
Stavisky: I don't want to offend other girls, but Tanya was the most comfortable partner for me.
He also says, that even dirty dress or partner can't ruin such beauty.

Totmyanina and Kostomarov blues by Be2
one of the judges: I'm really impressed by Roman. A week ago he was saying: "Why do I need high lifts"? One week - and he did it.
Yagudin: And 2 weeks ago he was saying: "Why do I need your axels"?

Totmyanina and Zhulin Ala-Ulu

Totmyanina and Tchernyshev
Prélude in E minor, Op. 28, No. 4" by Chopin

Totmyanina and Goncharov De Cara a la Pared

Totmyanina and Vanagas Charade

Totmyanina and Shabalin Stop

Totmyanina and Khvalko Dude

Navka and Marinin It's Impossible
Maxim is unearthly here!
Maxim: Tanya wants to look into my eyes...
Tatiana: During all life we were taught, that we skate with a human being.
Maxim: Yet I am not a human being anymore. I am from another world.
Tatiana: Maxim is a comfortable partner. I can't find any fault.

Khokhlova and Marinin Abortive flight
(a song by Vladimir Vysotsky)

Drobyazko and Marinin Benediction and Dream

Lobacheva and Marinin
What Are We Waiting For

Denkova and Marinin The winter cherry

Domnina and Marinin Après Moi

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
This year Averbukh was everywhere indeed. Totmianina, Marinin, Yagudin and Sotnikova were skating "The Nutcracker" in Moscow,
Domnina, Kostomarov, Vanagas were skating "The Bremen Town Musicians" in St. Petersburg,
Petrova, Tikhonov, Stavisky, Denkova were skating "Karlson" in Kazan.

"The Nutcracker"
(this is the show for children, so only episodes with Mice, Sotnikova is the sister to Mouse King):

the final

Adelina says, that skating in a show for children is not easier than skating in competitions, that those who do it "are HEROES", and thanks Ilyusha Averbukh.

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
There was no "Carmen" in London.
"Carmen" has visited Belarus,

2 "Carmen" shows should be in April in Sofia (Bulgaria).
1 April and 2 April.

the link to the videos ("Carmen"):

Before Sofia they have the big Tarasova's anniversary (2 shows) and the "Ice Age" tour in Russia.

As for London, Averbukh said, that it happened because of politics, but he said nothing more.

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
Tarasova's anniversary:clapper:

17 Feb (19.00), 18 Feb (14.00 and 19.00)

Tatiana Tarasova is going to be 70 years old soon. They were planning to have 2 shows, but decided to have 3 shows.

The skaters: Ekaterina Gordeeva, Ilya Kulik, Adelina Sotnikova, Evgenia Medvedeva, Elena Radionova, Maxim Kovtun, Bobrova and Soloviev, Stepanova and Bukin, Totmianina and Marinin, Navka and Kostomarov, Domnina and Shabalin, Petrova and Tikhonov, Drobyazko and Vanagas, Denkova and Staviski, Alexei Yagudin (who is also the host). Bestemianova and Bukin are mentioned too, but I am not sure, that they are going to skate.

Tatiana Anatolievna also has a press-conference on 13 February. Averbukh and Yagudin will be with her. After the press-conference Yagudin, Totmianina and Marinin, Navka and Kostomarov, Petrova and Tikhonov will be skating (Ilya Averbukh is the host).

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Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
So they have the "Ice Age" tour now. In Yaroslavl Trankov (a young father) and Medvedeva were skating with them. (They were in Yaroslavl after Tarasova's anniversary.) Trankov Trankov Medvedeva

In the first part of the show some participants of the "Ice Age" skate with them, in the second part they skate "The favourite movies about the main things".

Ekaterinburg (10.02.17), part 1

Yagudin, "Muse"

Totmianina and Marinin, "Two"

Drobyazko and Vanagas, "Kumparsita"

Domnina and Shabalin, "When I was young"

Denkova and Staviski, "Historia De Un Amor"

Navka and Kostomarov, "You will never forget me" (from "Yunona and Avos")

Petrova and Tikhonov, "Along the Peterskaya road"

Kregzhde and Vanagas, "Milord"

Totmianina and Gavrilov, "Salut"

Moroz and Tikhonov

Ekaterinburg (10.02.17), part 2:
"The favourite movies about the main things"

Petrova and Tikhonov, "Mind the automobile" (just the name of the movie)
"Film! Film! Film!"
Yagudin, "The Island of Losers"
Leonova and Khvalko, "A fortuneteller"
Denkova and Staviski, "17 moments of the spring" (not full)

As for "The Island of Losers"... the Russians see not only Yagudin, but also our great actor Andrei Mironov, not only because of the costume. I can show a little piece with Mironov, yet of course, such a piece can't tell much... Andrei Mironov:

Drobyazko and Vanagas, "January Stars"
the girls ("Phone me!")
Petrova and Tikhonov, "Damned lips"

the boys ("Dark is the night", "The olive-skinned girl")
Both songs are about love, don't worry.

Domnina and Shabalin, "Tenderness"

Totmianina and Marinin, "The irony of fate"
Yagudin, "Friendly among foes"


Sedated by Modonium
Record Breaker
Mar 23, 2010
Who are you to Averbukh?
I used to feel sorry for Sean Spicer.

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
Who are you to Averbukh?
I used to feel sorry for Sean Spicer.

I see you are really worried. :coffee: Yet I don't copy-paste every post from Yagudin's instagram or links to every video. What's the problem? :coffee:
Who is Sean Spicer?

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
Tarasova's "7.0": TV-version

Tarasova's "7.0": TV-version (Youtube)

pieces of the TV-version on Youtube:

Evgenia Medvedeva

Adelina Sotnikova (and Orbakaite)

Elena Radionova

Anna Pogorilaya

Victoria Sinitsina, Nikita Katsalapov

Yuko Kavaguti, Alexander Smirnov

Aleksandra Stepanova, Ivan Bukin

Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev

Maxim Kovtun (and Natalia Podolskaya)

Ilia Kulik (and Matsuyev)

Tatiana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin ("Let's pray for our parents")
I think Tarasova and Totmianina are really grateful for this song.

Tatiana Navka, Roman Kostomarov

Alexei Yagudin ("Winter")

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
About this group number. Both songs are about love.

"The olive-skinned girl"

The Russians have many songs, which unite us better than our anthem. I guess people always clap so loudly because of the songs.
I like, that Tikhonov puts off this shirt in the end.

The first song (when we see only Alexei Tikhonov) is translated to English.
"Dark Is The Night" (the lyrics are below the video, press "SHOW MORE")

The second song is "The olive-skinned girl".
Wonderful and inspiring video!
This is a song from an old good movie, most of the Russians know it:
And we also know, that all the boys, who died, were alive:

Such songs or programs also remind about all our grandfathers, about all the grandmothers. Sometimes a song doesn't say anything about a war, but the Russians just want to show, that it is a song to which their grandfathers were dancing.

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
The team goes to the "Star Ice" tour in Slovakia in November (22.11-26.11) lad.jpg

The "Ice Age" tour was successful.
Adelina performed in some cities together with them.

The last city will be Petersburg. TAT decided to come too, so her anniversary show isn't over! :clapper:

Rostov city continues to feed Alexei Yagudin. This tradition started because of Marat Basharov. In 2010 Basharov said, that the girls in Rostov are beautiful, that the crawfishes in Rostov are very tasty. So in 2011 a girl decided to bring some crawfishes for the skaters, even though she wasn't sure, that they would take such a present. 2011
Yagudin had to choose a girl whom they would give a basket of cosmetics as a present, he chosen this girl.
Now this girl feeds Yagudin year by year. 2015
Last year her family came to watch the show in Sochi, and they brought the crawfishes from Rostov to Sochi. Rostov promises to invent also another tradition: "Only keep making us happy!!!" in Sochi in Sochi 2017

"Carmen" had a success in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
Ilya Averbukh says, that Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are going to perform in his "Romeo and Juliet". He said nothing about their roles.
Tatiana Totmianina is Juliet, Maxim Marinin is Romeo, Alexei Yagudin is Mercutio, Roman Kostomarov is Tybalt, Margarita Drobyazko and Povilas Vanagas are Montague, Oxana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin are Capulet, Alexei Tikhonov is Friar Laurence
about Volosozhar and Trankov

Evgenia Medvedeva, Maxim Trankov (in a pair with Karaulova) and Kavaguti/Smirnov were performing with them in Yaroslavl.
The TV-version of the show in Yaroslavl on Youtube:

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
On 9 May Russia celebrated The Victory Day
This is the end of The Great Patriotic War (that part of the WW2, which took place on our ground)

I saw Averbukh's post only now, and I translate it here.

Averbukh tells about his grandfather Mark Lvovich Burdo
When the war began, his grandfather was learning in a secondary medical school, he passed through the war from the beginning to the end, he was a surgeon (a doctor). Ilya is proud, that his grandfather saved many lives. His grandfather met his grandmother during the war, in 1943. Mark Lvovich was in Moscow only for a week, he saw a girl in subway, and after a week they married.
Mark Lvovich isn't alive, but the family saved his medals.
In the comment to the video Averbukh says, that he was shocked, when he saw a TV-show, where those who are 20 years old, were trying to tell what they know about that war...

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016

(the full theatrical: from the beginning to the end)

The final with puddles is marvelous...

When they came to see the ice, there already was a stage, as Averbukh tells, - and he thought: "OK. We'll take this away". But suddenly he understood, that he can have two levels: that he would better keep the stage the way it is - and make a second ice sheet on it.
But this wasn't enough for Averbukh. He decided, that he needed a rain: he wanted everybody to get wet. He wasn't sure, that his "rain" would work, - but... you can see puddles on the ice (in the final) - and Averbukh jumping into a puddle.

(They skated "The City Lights" at the Olympics in London. They also were telling about a country, which was likewise going to host the Olympics in 2014 - in Sochi...)

The full theatrical - 2014:
(This is the variant without Navka, her role belongs to Domnina here. And something is wrong with Yagudin: he almost can't jump. He has nobody to replace him.)
1 - Tikhonov, Domnina, Yagudin
2 - Totmyanina and Marinin
3 - Drobyazko, Vanagas: a scientist making r0b0ts and his wife who is tired of his science. The girl's dream.
4 - Domnina, Kostomarov, Yagudin
5 - "R0b0ts will be able to love - and they will not have any quarrels."
6 - Domnina, Yagudin
7 - Totmyanina and Marinin, policemen (Besedin and Polishyuk)
8 - Petrova, Tikhonov
9 - the final

In 2014 Yagudin danced even "Along an endless road", when Averbukh took nearly all the team to Moscow to prepare to the "Ice Age". Shabalin stayed in Sochi with Yagudin, Naomi Lang was invited, later Gordeeva was invited...
"Along an endless road"

Navka and Yagudin's cheerful "Jackpot" - with jumps - 2013

One more nice "Jackpot" ("Drive, drive...") - 2011

A cheerful final with Navka - 2013

A cheerful final with Johnny Weir and 2 levels of ice - 2011

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016

Yagudin is The Toreador and also The Fate, Shabalin is The Demon

the full show, HD (2015) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

and some other good videos, including the videos with Ekaterina Gordeeva

This video of "The Storm" is very beautiful (Yagudin)
2015, Moscow

The Storm (Totmyanina and Yagudin) 2016, Sochi
(In 2015 Tatiana was expecting the baby, in 2016 she started to skate again, they both were The Fate)

Little Carmen
2015, Moscow
2016, Sochi
Averbukh as The Fate (2015, Sochi)

TTMM (2016, Sochi)
The Fate and Carmen's Father

Toreador and Carmen (2016, Sochi)

Drobyazko as Carmen
with Yagudin
with Kostomarov

Gordeeva (2015, Moscow)

to drums (Yagudin)
2016, Sochi
2015, Sochi

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