Team Sergei Rozanov


Final Flight
Dec 22, 2017
Eteri's students often have a problem with the lutz edge, but Zhilina has no problems with this.
In the video posted on Evgeny Plushenko's Instagram, Nika jumps with the cleanest outside edge and rotates the whole jump in the air, without rotating first on the ice. In the Tutberidze group, they often try to simplify the technique, because of that the quality of the element may suffer. So Lutz Veronica would hardly have been able to show, staying in "Khrustalny".


Record Breaker
Jan 5, 2019
Ilinykh is too sugarly cuddly, and isn't "Hot Sergey" already "taken" by TSL?
Dec 11, 2020
The topic is very rich in subjects,so I'll have some posts with his work with his former students.
Handsome coach always was passionate by jumps.
Few people know that he worked with Nikolay Kolesnikov before he joins Team Tutberidze
At Team Tutberidze,he worked with almost every student at jumps.
Training 04/18/19 LD Khrustalny photos made by Igor Filimonov
Here,a fan account od Daria Usacheva,explained he worked with Dasha at 4T
Here,he worked with Anna Shcherbakova at 3A and 4T
Dec 11, 2020
He worked in summer camp -Courchevel,2017
with Yveth Toth,Polina Ustinkova and Tim Huber
With Barbara Fusar-Poli and Stefano Caruso
with Linda van Troyen and Benoit Richaud
with Hendrix brothers
Budapesta winter camp,2017
group photo
with European champion Julia Sebestiyn
His 1st international Kiss&cry-European championship,2018,with Linda van Troyen and Yveth Toth