Test Structures around the globe


Mar 24, 2020
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (depending on your geographical location)

Firstly, I hope that everyone is doing okay in this weird time.

Now to the crux, I am looking for some information on test structures in countries. I have already managed to find out those that are english speaking countries (I'm ashamed to say, I don't speak any other languages).

I'm looking for a breakdown of the test streams available (i.e. pattern, Moves in the Field, program) and the levels available within those test streams (e.g juvenile, junior, senior).

If you skate/coach in a country that is not native English, and would be up for helping it would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to collate as many countries as possible into a single location.

I have so far done:
Australia - ISA
Canada - Skate Canada
Great Britain - BIS
Ireland - ISAI

Thank you :)