Thanks Skate Canada and Ted Barton

Mr Cat

Nov 7, 2018
Hey are you implying that we Canadians are boring? LOL! I actually find Ted's style refreshing, and his FS knowledge is vast. He is very respectful of each skater and points out their skating qualities even if they are not at the top of the roster. I too remember Dick Button, his remarks were not always kind..just saying!

Toller Cranston was Canadian, he was even cattier than Dick Button!


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Jan 9, 2017
While this is certainly a risk that the US figure skating association is taking, I wish them the best. Canada safely carried on with the NHL hockey games in a "bubble" in Edmonton and Toronto last season but now not getting off to a great start this season with several players off due to COVID. Thankfully, Skate Canada is holding off resuming a normal season and I am sure they will find a way to hold the Nationals in a safe way. Again, good luck to the US Nationals.
Canadian Nationals were already cancelled. Also, Skate Canada happened earlier this season in the same place and same way that Nationals are, so they know how to keep it safe.