Thoughts on Ladies' FS at Russian Nats?


Dec 9, 2017
Anna's free skate was dazzling on so many levels. Her two quads and all her jumps earned all those sky-high GOEs. For me, it's her artistry, delicacy, steel-flower strength and the radiance of her face and feeling as she skates that carry her above the rest. Just so well done.

After she skated, Ted said something like, I wonder if she'll place first ... and I don't care. That's how I felt. It's the experience of living that skate with Anna that I found thrilling. I'll re-watch this one and will probably seek out more of her past ones too.
That's exactly how I feel about Anna. Sure, she landed all her quads and other jumps but they'd be nothing without her performance ability. Even her programs themselves aren't the most interesting, and for all negativity that Kamila's Bolero has gotten, it's more interesting than Anna's FS. But despite Anna's more generic programs, she's able to elevate them above the ones with more interesting choreography and music because of how much she puts into her artistry. It's never difficult to watch her even when the tech is falling apart. So many skaters look nervous and scared in competition but Anna loves performing and it's a joy to watch someone who loves what they're doing and puts their whole heart into it.


Record Breaker
Feb 24, 2013
Due to Xmas social life, work and migraines, I only finished catching up with all the figure skating last night. Without knowing any of the results, I had left the Russian Ladies SP and FS for last, figuring it might be a very interesting competition.
Dang, but interesting did NOT cover it, not by a long shot.
That last group in the FS, I was just too stunned to really believe what my eyes were seeing.
It felt like watching a certain season 2 episode of The Mandalorian for the first time! (Viewers will know what I mean, lol.)

It was the most incredible thing ever, and I cannot wait to finish my to do list for today so I can sit back and watch it again!!! Congrats to everybody involved, and thanks! :points:

edit to add: one thing that really stood out for me was seemingly the speed with which Kamila Valieva RACED across the ice. I don’t know if she really is that fast or faster than the other ladies or if it just seemed that way due to the camera work or what, but it was just such a wild ride!