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Thoughts on RD at Russian Nats?


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003

“We did our maximum for today,” Stepanova commented.

“We were so eager to come here, we wanted to compete at Russian Nationals so much,” Bukin added. “We are fed up with being ill. We want to perform and thanks to everyone who supported us, who wrote to us, and waited for us. I hope we’ll now perform more than we did until today. After a break of 11 months, it is like you go out to compete for the very first time.”

What are your thoughts on the Rhythm Dance?


Dec 5, 2015
It was fine. I didn't think anyone was at their best here. The results after the SD are as expected other than M/ B who are much lower than expected given their error filled dance. I honestly don't see any of these SD making a huge splash internationally, but given that almost all these skaters have probably had COVID they did fine.