Three turn backside knee pain?


Feb 17, 2020
I have encountered a problem in my skating recently since starting to train three turns.
After only a few turns on my left leg I will get pain after practice on the backside of my knee (so technically not in the knee). Does not feel like muscle pain.

A bit worried that this will be a problem. Anyone had this issue with turns?

Jumps and everything else is just fine. Only turning causes this sensation. Spins also OK I believe.


On the Ice
Mar 24, 2019
Without actually seeing you turn, it sounds to me like you might be wrenching your foot/leg around to force the turn rather than utilising the edge and the rotation gained by moving your upper body and arms in the direction of travel until you're actually ready to make the turn. If you can stay on the edge with a nice knee bend, long enough to get to the point where you are ready to turn, then rise up to "release" the turn" and you shouldn't feel any pain.


Mar 12, 2020
How does the knee feel off the ice? Walking, going up and down stairs etc....
If you want you can PM me.
Hope the knee is feeling better!