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Aug 25, 2017
Ting Cui is a ladies figure skater who represents the United States. She was born on 6 September 2002 in Cockeysville, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore and considers Pikeville, Maryland, her hometown. She represents the Baltimore FSC and is currently coached by Tom Zakrajsek. She was formerly coached by Vincent Restencourt, Chris Conte, Natalya Linichuk, and Uschi Keszler.

Ting is the 2018 CS Tallinn Trophy silver medalist, the 2018 U.S. junior national bronze medalist, and the 2019 Junior Worlds bronze medalist. In the summer of 2019, she injured her ankle, and withdrew from her Grand Prix assignments and the U.S. Championships to concentrate on having her ankle heal.

Biographical Information

ISU bio: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00103186.htm

USFS Fanzone bio: https://usfigureskatingfanzone.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=135

Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ting_Cui

Tracings.net profile: http://www.tracings.net/cui-ting.html

Rinkresults: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=11945

Social media

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ting_a_ding

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ting_a_ding

Snapchat: ting_ting6

Personal Best Total Score199.79ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018
Personal Best Short Program Score70.20ISU JGP Czech Skate 2018
Personal Best Free Skating Score132.23ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018

Historical Personal Bests Achieved before the 2018-2019 season

Personal Best Total Score180.392018 Junior World Championships
Personal Best Short Program Score62.222018 Junior World Championships
Personal Best Free Skating Score118.172018 Junior World Championships


2019-2020 season:
SP: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Rachmaninov) (last season's); choreo by Derrick Delmore
FS: Wayward Sisters and A Table For Two from Nocturnal Animals (Korzeniowski); choreo by Katherine Hill

Some local competition FS

2018-2019 season:
SP: “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” by Sergei Rachmaninov
FS: ”Giselle” by Adolphe Adam

2019 Junior World Championships SP
2019 Junior World Championships FS

2019 Four Continents FS (geoblocked in US)

2018-19 Easterns FS

2018 JGP Linz SP
2018 JGP Linz FS

2018 JGP Ostrava SP
2018 JGP Ostrava FS

2017-2018 season:
SP: "Libertango" by Astor Piazolla
FS: Chopin Medley selected by Edvin Marton

2018 World Juniors SP
2018 World Juniors FS

2018 US Junior Nationals SP
2018 US Junior Nationals FS

2017-18 Easterns FS

2017 JPG Brisbane SP
2017 JGP Brisbane FS

2016-2017 season:
SP: “Defend the Yellow River” by Lang Lang
FS: “The Wizard of Oz” by John Williams

Competitive History​

2019–20 season
2019 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic Senior3 (63.10)4 (114.37)4 (177.47)
2018–19 season
2019 World Junior ChampionshipsJunior3 (67.69)3 (126.72)3 (194.41)
2019 Four Continents ChampionshipsSenior7 (66.73)14 (98.11)11 (164.84)
2019 U.S. ChampionshipsSenior12 (54.64)3 (139.66)5 (194.30)
2018 CS Tallinn TrophySenior2 (67.56)2 (132.23)2 (199.79)
[FONT=&]2019 Eastern Sectional[/FONT]Senior2 (62.10)1(119.09)1 (181.19)
2018 JGP Czech RepublicJunior2 (70.20)7 (102.54)7 (172.74)
2018 JGP AustriaJunior6 (53.25)5 (102.79)5 (156.04)
2017–18 season
2018 World Junior ChampionshipsJunior7 (62.22)7 (118.17)7 (180.39)
2018 U.S. Junior ChampionshipsJunior11 (45.55)2 (119.96)3 (165.51)
2018 Eastern Sectional Junior5 (48.93)1 (114.38)1 (163.31)
2018 South Atlantic Regional Junior1 (56.27)1 (86.86)1 (143.13)
2017 JGP AustraliaJunior5 (55.34)7 (95.61)6 (150.95)
2017 Philadelphia Summer InternationalJunior1 (54.01)1 (97.78)1 (151.79)
2016–17 season
2017 U.S. Novice ChampionshipsNovice3 (47.63)1 (95.05)2 (142.68)
[FONT=&]2017 Eastern Sectional, Novice [/FONT]Novice1 (44.11)2 (86.01)2 (130.12)
[FONT=&]2017 South Atlantic Regional, Novice [/FONT]Novice3 (40.01)1 (79.31)1 (119.32)
2015–16 season
2016 U.S. South Atlantic Novice Regionals
Did not qualify for sectionals or nationals in this season
Novice8 (32.20)5 (62.23)6 (94.43)
2014–15 season
2015 U.S. National Intermediate ChampionshipsInter.3 (33.85)5 (61.45)4 (95.30)
2015 U.S. Eastern Intermediate SectionalsInter.1 (33.32)4 (55.78)2 (89.10)
2015 U.S. South Atlantic Intermediate RegionalsInter.4 (33.17)1 (63.20)2 (96.37)
2013-14 season
2014 South Atlantic Regional, Juvenile
Did not qualify for sectionals or nationals in this season
Juv.-12 (39.66) -
2012-13 season
2013 South Atlantic Regional, Juvenile
Did not qualify for free skate
Juv.-6 (39.83)

Biographical notes:

Ting started skating at age 7 because her parents wanted her to stay cool and get exercise during the summer. She participated in the Learn to Skate USA program and was coached by Chris Conte for three years. Her favorite element is the double axel. Her parents, Lily and Larry, are restaurant owners and a realtor. She enjoys relaxing with her brother, Hao, and hanging out with her friends when not skating, in addition to photography, biking, eating, and Pinteresting. Ting also volunteers for the Vicky Almonds campaign with the Baltimore County Executive.
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Spirals for Miles

Anna Shcherbakova is my World Champion
Record Breaker
Aug 25, 2017
Great job, Ting, on your comeback skate at Nationals and your medal! :love:


Final Flight
Aug 29, 2016
You should update her PB's! they are MUCH higher now. Congrats Ting on huge new PB's at Jr. Worlds!!

Spirals for Miles

Anna Shcherbakova is my World Champion
Record Breaker
Aug 25, 2017
I saw a rumor that she was switching from Vincent to Raf... does anyone know if this is true and have confirmation?


Final Flight
Aug 29, 2016
Can’t help but wonder if this showing has something to do with her current coaching situation. We know Vincent and her split but we have gotten no news as to who she’s with now. Is she coachless currently? Bc that certainly would explain this showing. These jumps come so easily to her, I mean heck, we saw 3-3-3-3-3’s on Vincent’s Instagram from her before junior worlds. At junior worlds she looked like she just couldn’t miss a jump. (The fluke fall aside lol) I realize it’s early in the season but something must be wrong to go from that to this. Hope she figures out a coaching situation and has a better showing next time. We believe in you ting!!!


Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2011
well it should have been at least 60...apparently the judges really dont like her. besides the error on the combo she was beautiful. SO elegant. lowballed is an understatement...


Jan 12, 2018
The score is really disappointing.. but at least she can still fight for the 3rd place..