Triple Axels are definitely on Emily Bausback's 'to do' list


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Jun 21, 2003
Emily Bausback was recently selected by Skate Canada to be part of the national team along with Alison Schumacher and Madeline Schizas for the 2020-21 figure skating season, and will debut in her first Grand Prix event later this month at 2020 Skate Canada International. Her goal is to skate two clean programs and place in the final flight (depending on how many skaters compete).

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These are unique and uncertain times, however, Bausback would like to continue to train triple Axels, and possibly a quad, if time permits later this season.

"Having a triple Axel or quad is absolutely necessary to adapt in this ever-changing sport," she noted. "For me, I don't see that jump far off as Axels are one of my jumps with great potential. I definitely see myself getting close to rotating a triple Axel in the foreseeable future. They are definitely on my "to-do" list!"

This season, the skater will be skating to "The One I Love" by Ellen Krauss, choreographed by Lance Vipond for the short program. The free skate is set to "Alla Notte (Adagio)" by Miriam Stockley and was choreographed by McLeod and Neil Wilson.

I am really excited to see how she does this season! What are your thoughts on the music choices? What do you hope to see in this skater this season?

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Feb 24, 2012
I wish her well. I am not sure how realistic it is she will get a triple axel when she is really still trying to get her triple triples and her skating skills are definitely not at the top. I always worry when I hear McLeod is coaching. Nothing personally but for some reason her skaters don't really seem to ever fully develop their potential Sandu, Ten, Leung, Reynolds all had potential to meal. Maybe it is a fluke?