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TSL’s Interview with Elvis Stojko


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Feb 27, 2014


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Apr 16, 2014
Thank you for the link! It took a while to get through, but it was definitely worth it. Stojko wasn't my personal favourite when he was competing, but there's no denying how he pushed the sport, and how he brought a different style to the ice.

It was fascinating to hear him walk us through his performance in Nagano, and on why he doesn't regret continuing on past '98. I agree with his opinion on quads (basically confirming what Joubert has said before), how the judges hurt skaters in the long run if they are lenient on mistakes, and on the need for variety.

The name of his third dog was just... :rofl:

EDIT: Also, he makes a very good point about injuries. You draw the line when there could be permanent damage. I hope people in the skating community hears this view.
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Feb 26, 2014
I agree with you Sandpiper. He was not my type of skater but he was such a strong competitor, and pushed the sport.
I was a fan of Kulik but admired his LP performance so much in Nagano. He ha guts like no other.
I'll always be grateful to him as a fan for that.

I don't agree with him about how the European judges wanted the traditional style in Lillehammer, or later for that matter. It's true to a certain extent, but as he already said not even Canada went with him.
Besides, till 90 NA skaters had won everything thanks to their artistry as well, with a majority of European judges in those case as well and very much appreciated by the them.
The truth is, the judges never liked his artistry, or even think he had one.
He might have a case for that Olympic in 92, based on the tech. I don't think he has one for artistic impression. IMO he was scored fairly almost always.
It's interesting that one one hand he says that now they are trying to make FS a sport which will never be because it is not not quantifiable, and I agree with him it is no. But on the other hand he criticised the judges for not following the system as they should because he think he was misjudged. ;)

Anyway, I loved hearing him. Very interesting interview. I liked Eldredge interview with TSL as well.
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