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TSL Interview with Luba Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch

Mrs. P

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Dec 27, 2009

A delightful watch! I really came away admiring Dylan and Luba a lot more for their respective journeys. It is so striking how joyful Luba is, considering all that she's gone through. Obviously she's in happier times now, but still her persistence and determination is amazing. And I admire Dylan's thoughtful approach to considering the next steps of his career.


Sep 16, 2014
Well I wonder who he contacted and almost tried out with in the US...would've been cool to know haha

Also surprised to hear that Joshua Reagan wanted to tryout with Luba.

I really wish they would stop beating a dead horse on Kirsten splitting them up, they are both in new partnerships. I think its more interesting talking about the kinks and stuff in the new partnerships rather than the split. Dylan has pretty much the same response over and over again anyways.
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