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Turns out I have no spin rocker- new blade input requested


Sep 29, 2020
I bought my Jackson skates with Mark IV blades 12 years ago, skated about 8 hours a week for 2 years, put them in a closet for ten years, and then started skating again a few months before lockdown. In August the rinks in my area started reopening and now I'm skating about 8 hours a week. So all in all I'm guessing I had these blades sharpened around 20 times. I'm also guessing that some of the sharpeners I've used (I haven't been consistent over time) may not have been so skilled.

Today my coach looked at my blades and showed me that they are completely flattened and have no rocker to speak of. She said I should get either Coronation Ace, Pattern 99s, or Gold Seals. I tried to get her to say which would be best for me and she said any of them, so I am hoping to get a few more opinions. (She also said my boots don't provide enough support and that I might as well get new boots while I'm at it, especially because mine are starting to break down. I'm going to follow the advice of the fitter for the boots.)

I am almost ready to take my Adult Bronze MITF test. Starting to work on Silver Moves. 90% of my practice time is spent on basic drills/edges/moves, 10% spins and spirals. I do want to jump one day, but not until I have more power and speed, and stronger edges. My dream goal would be to do all the MITF up to Senior, and all single jumps, and compete at I guess the Adult silver level? Not so interested in an axel or double jumps.

So with that said, which out of those three blades do you think would suit me best? I guess I don't want more blade than I need, if that makes sense. I know the price points differ, that's not my primary concern. Thank you.


Final Flight
Oct 31, 2020
Coronation Ace.

P99 and Gold Seal are too high for you. They're for triples or skaters who will be doing triples soon.


On the Ice
Mar 28, 2017
A P99 sure seems like an odd recommendation from a coach for someone not jumping, and not interested in Axel or doubles. My skater's MITF coach wears them for all her disciplines (FS, dance and syncro) but only because she said she was lazy and didn't want to change to a new blade when her jumping days were over. I know you can do clean, deep edges in them, but I expect it would take some experience and having great technique before getting that blade.

My skater had that MK IV blade long ago, it has barely a hint of a rocker new. She didn't start spinning well until we moved to a CA clone, and then even better on the genuine Wilson. Clones aren't really the same thing. Concur with all the others, Wilson CA or MK Pro.