Ukraine has its first synchro skating team


On the Ice
Jan 15, 2014
This year, team "Space Time" from Kharkiv made its debut on the ice. This is the first synchronized skating team in Ukraine.

Alina Beletskaya who represented Ukraine at the 2015 World Junior Championships and Anastasia Pobizhenko who skates in pair with Dmytro Sharpar (they were at the 2016 Youth Olympic Games) are both members of the team.

So far they presented their program on two occasion in february in Kharkiv and last month in Kyiv.

Kharkov :
Kyiv :
Tv report from Objectif TV (in russian) :

Here is an interview with the team coach Yulia Beletskaya (in russian)

It's only the start for them and they only train twice a week but they hope to develop synchro skating in Ukraine!


Drivers start your engines!
On the Ice
Jan 20, 2014
Now there are two teams in Ukraine

Juniors - Interstellar
Novice - Odyssey

Both are from Kharkov and coached by trio Yulia Beletskaya, Kate Gulich and Olga Akimova. Interstellar will take part in Junior Worlds this season