USFS International Selection Pool (ISP) Points Challenge


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Aug 12, 2014
^^ Thanks for the feedback, @skylark

You've made a valid point about Tim's injury. Someone else mentioned his strength training on another post... and maybe the injury is why it's not translating to the ice this season. At least not yet.

I have to disagree on the command aspect though. I thought some of the movement was slow and labored. I'm thinking of a couple of lift exits that looked like they were practically made at a standstill. Of course, all these lift exits look so much more complicated than in years past, so that may just be a function of mileage. One thing is for certain, US Pairs are interesting again.
I don't disagree about the lifts, if you're talking about the FS. I did say in my previous post that I thought CG/L showed plenty of command in their SP ... although I did use a parenthetic phrase between the words 'command' and 'in their SP.' So my wording may have caused confusion.

You make a good point about the lift exits in the FS. I kept thinking that they just haven't worked on the lifts sufficiently this year, as they're working new things into the program overall, to develop their skating, transitions, etc. Your observation makes that more specific, and it makes sense. Anyway, yes, US Pairs has been shaken up, added to, taken away.


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Jul 29, 2003
Managed to catch the ladies SP and LPs.

Mariah had a better outing jumps-wise the first time around. Still find the LP music cuts disjointed, but I don't think I disliked it as much as the first time around. Still too much Winner Takes it All and not enough Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen, for my tastes. And they should just ditch the last song entirely.

The two who really stood out this time around for me were Karen Chen and Amber Glenn. Love the music choices both are using in the long program. Karen Chen really does have everything it takes to be a champion, if she can put it together. And there's just something about Amber Glenn's powerful skating, big jumps, and no-holds-barred performance that is really compelling. She really seems to have come into her own. Neither were mistake-free, but I enjoyed both immensely.

My opinion on Bradie didn't change from her first go-round, so no need to re-hash it here, and I talked a bit about my opinion on Alysa in her thread, so I'll leave it there.


Jan 12, 2014
Just watched the Senior Ice Dance and was particularly impressed with Hawayek and Baker's new FD. I don't know the title of the music but it has a dreamy, ethereal tone but not classical. Jean-Luc must have been working out over the pandemic because he handles Kaitlin much easier in the lifts. Their timing and movements were sharp and fast with a nice flow. Also, I love their attire-simple all black for JL and a floaty cream, burnt orange ombre for K. Very nice FD!


Nov 4, 2019
In spite of minor annoyances like the lack of graphics to introduce skaters, no breathing time in between performances, and sound issues, I actually thought the ISP Challenge was quite successful. I'm really impressed USFS actually came up with something like this and hope they continue in the future.

This article was posted today on US Fanzone and captures reactions from the four winners and what they thought of the virtual format: