USFS ISP Points Challenge- Sep 4 through Oct 3, 2020


On the Ice
Jan 22, 2004

All by video. Hopefully some info will be revealed about how to watch soon...supposedly this week.

Assuming no changes since this document was created, judging for these events will occur as follows-

Senior Singles- 9/18 and 10/3
Senior Pairs and Dance- 9/19 and 10/2

Junior Singles - 9/4 and 9/25
Junior Pairs - 9/12 and 9/26
Junior Dance- 9/12 and 10/2

Seniors placing in the top 4 (excluding 2020 Top 5 from Nationals) at this ISP challenge will qualify to 2021 US Nationals.


On the Ice
Jan 22, 2004
Videos here:

Info here:

Will Annis 60.77
Joseph Klein 59.37
Samuel Mindra 58.55
Nicholas Hsieh 53.64
Lucas Altieri 53.35
Robert Yampolsky 49.07
Taira Shinohara 44.82
Liam Kapeikis 43.04
Lake Liao 40.28

Will Annis 167.06
Joseph Klein 166.42
Samuel Mindra 155.57
Lucas Altieri 153.85
Nicholas Hsieh 149.48
Rombert Yampolsky 139.60
Liam Kapeikis 130.52
Lake Liao 128.98
Taira Shinohara 125.33

Tamnhi Huynh 56.20
Jessica Lin 55.34
Isabeau Levito 50.96
Elsa Cheng 48.59
Audrey Meredith 43.35
Hannah Herrera 41.70
(Violeta Ushakova WD)

Jessica Lin 153.53
Tamnhi Huynh 152.39
Isabeau Levito 149.01
Elsa Cheng 130.04
Hannah Herrera 128.59
Audrey Meredith 118.19


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003

Available on the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone Wednesday, Sept. 9
Junior Ladies Short Program - WATCH
Junior Ladies Free Skate - WATCH
Junior Ladies Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Junior Ladies Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Junior Men's Short Program - WATCH
Junior Men's Free Skate - WATCH
Junior Men's Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Junior Men's Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Available on the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone Tuesday, Sept. 15
Junior Pairs Short Program - WATCH
Junior Pairs Free Skate - WATCH
Junior Pairs Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Junior Pairs Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Junior Rhythm Dance - WATCH
Junior Free Dance - WATCH
Junior Ice Dance Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Junior Ice Dance Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Available on the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone Tuesday, Sept. 22
Senior Ladies Short Program - WATCH
Senior Ladies Free Skate - WATCH
Senior Ladies Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Senior Ladies Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Senior Men Short Program - WATCH
Senior Men Free Skate - WATCH
Senior Men Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Senior Men Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Senior Pairs Short Program - WATCH
Senior Pairs Free Skate - WATCH
Senior Pairs Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Senior Pairs Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Senior Rhythm Dance - WATCH
Senior Free Dance - WATCH
Senior Ice Dance Full Results (1st Opportunity)
Senior Ice Dance Starting Order (1st Opportunity)

Available on the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone Tuesday, Sept. 29
Junior Ladies (2nd Opportunity)
Junior Men (2nd Opportunity)
Junior Pairs (2nd Opportunity)

Available on the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone Tuesday, Oct. 6
Senior Ladies (2nd Opportunity)
Senior Men (2nd Opportunity)
Senior Pairs (2nd Opportunity)
Senior Ice Dance (2nd Opportunity)
Junior Ice Dance (2nd Opportunity)


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
It took me a while to find this thread, so I'm thinking the lack of action here is maybe because it's kind of hidden?

Anyway, a few thoughts a the skaters I've managed to catch up with on Youtube so far:

Jason Brown's programs are so brilliant they made me want to simultaneously cry and give him a standing ovation. Both of them. I'm thrilled to see he's skating the short to Sinnerman, a favourite of mine. Surely he is the best male spinner in the world right now. There is no contest. Love the back kicks he's doing in both programs and the footwork in the LP is to die for — oh what am I saying, it's to die for in the SP as well. I'm in love with the combination double axel/triple toe right into the split jump, into another triple (sorry, missed which type) then into a stag leap. Genius. It makes me sad we won't be able to see these programs repeatedly at competitions throughout a normal season. His jumps are looking really good. I presume that the opening triple in his SP is going to be a quad later on.

Mariah Bell's programs disappointed me a bit. She is one of my favourite ladies, and is probably the best performer in the ladies field in the world today, but I found her music selections don't help her out this season so far. The short is sort of generic angst (which she's normally great at, don't get me wrong), and she is one of the best female spinners in the world, bar none. But it didn't leave a big impression. As for the long, well, I don't think I'm the first to complain about the Mamma Mia cuts that have been chosen. Far too much Winner Takes It All for my taste and not nearly enough of the fun stuff. There's so much great music in Mamma Mia and this does not do it justice. If you are not familiar with the musical you will be very confused as to why these songs have been put together. And they've been done really awkwardly. That said, she looked pretty good and in shape in the program. I just think some re-tooling of the music is in order.

Nathan Chen was of course a masterful display of technical jumping prowess. And I love his SP music and have since I saw Desperado way back in the day. I hope more choreography will be added to the short, particularly in the beginning. There just seems to be a lot of jump set up. I love the footwork sequence, it's brilliant and that's when the program really comes alive for me. I can't tell if it was just his slightly baggy workout gear, but I thought he needed to pay some attention to his arms and shoulders — his shoulders looked sort of high here at times, and I don't recall him ever really having a particular issue with that in the past. His LP is wonderfully choreographed and a really pleasant change (for me at least) from last year's dud. I loved his sensitivity to the music from first to last. Comparing him to Jason, though, he needs to work on those spins. Realistically he's not going to match Jason's unusual and stunning positions, but he could do a lot better on speed and some of them looked downright awkward. Something to work on as the season goes.

I'll post more as I see more skaters. Just wanted to get some thoughts down.