USOPC report: 2019 $$$/resources allocation to USFS skaters/federation

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Feb 27, 2012
Today USOPC released its 2019 Sport Benefits Statement for US Figure Skating:

"The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Sport Benefits Statement provides an annual overview highlighting how the USOPC allocates resources directly to athletes and in support of athletes through their member organizations (i.e. National Governing Bodies and High-Performance Management Organizations). The figures presented herein represent a combination of direct cash payments, USOPC-provided services and value-in-kind provisions to athletes and/or member organizations."

"These statements are a new function of our organizational transparency, and for the first time, provide a holistic look at the services and financial resources the USOPC allocates directly to athletes, and in support of athletes through their NGB or HPMO. Individually, these documents offer a great deal of very specific information that reflect the depth of the USOPC’s partnership with each of these critical partners."

ETA (on Aug 4):

Adding selected bits from the USOPC statement re its 2019 allocations to U.S. Figure Skating and USFS athletes:

Athlete Stipends: $327,121

High-Performance Grants: $1,293,241

National Medical Network: $100,428

Operation Gold: $28,125
(Operation Gold gives bonuses for high placements at Worlds and Olympics)

Sport Science Services: $226,281

Sports Medicine Clinics: $68,039

Athlete Career & Education: $33,485

Athletes receiving high-performance support: 34

Athletes receiving ACE support: 15

Number of clinic visits: 494​

ETA (on Mar 22, 2021):

Adding some numbers (not limited to 2019) for USFS:

USOPC grants = 5% of total revenue

USOPC grants (annual average 2016-19): $1.17M

NGB revenue (2016-19): $21.94M​

Chart in article shows same metrics for other U.S. NGBs.

(Mar 22)​
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