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Vera Bazarova & Andrei Deputat


Dec 21, 2011
Pair skaters Vera Bazarova (Russian: Вера Базарова) & Andrei Deputat (Russian: Андрей Депутат) represent Russia. Bazarova was born 28 January 1993 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, while Deputat was born 20 December 1992 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Andrei's bio is here

Vera's bio is here

May 2016 Update

Biographical Information

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Vera's Russian bio

Andrei's Russian bio

Vera's VK

Andrei's VK

Personal Best Total Score181.70ISU GP NHK Trophy 2015
Personal Best Score Short Program64.06ISU GP NHK Trophy 2015
Personal Best Score Free Skating117.64ISU GP NHK Trophy 2015


SP Nocturne Number 2, Opus 9, in E Flat by Chopin
FS Oh, Darling, Because, and Come Together by the Beatles from the Abbey Road album

2016 Cup of Tyrol SP
2016 Cup of Tyrol FS

2015-16 Russian Nationals SP
2015-16 Russian Nationals FS

2015 NHK SP
2015 NHK FS

2015 Skate Canada SP
2015 Skate Canada FS

2015 Russian Cup SP

2015 Open test Skate in Sochi SP
2015 Open test Skate in Sochi FS

Jul. 2015 - White Nights in Saransk
SP - Nocturne Number 2, Opus 9, in E Flat by Chopin

Jul. 2015 - White Nights in Saransk
FS - Oh, Darling and Come Together by the Beatles

SP "My Way" performed by André Rieu
FS "Adiós Nonino" by Astor Piazzolla

2015 Winter Universiade SP
2015 Winter Universiade FS

2015 Russian Nationals SP
2015 Russian Nationals FS

2014 NHK Trophy SP
2014 NHK Trophy FS

2014 Cup of China SP
2014 Cup of China FS

2014 Lombardia Trophy SP
2014 Lombardia Trophy FS

2014 Coupe de Nice SP
2014 Coupe de Nice FS

2014 Russian Open Test Skates SP
2014 Russian Open Test Skate FS


Season 2015-2016
2016 Cup of Tyrol Innsbruck
1 (64.91)1 (126.34)1 (191.25)
2015-2016 Russian Nationals6 (67.30)6 (126.54)6 (193.84)
2015 NHK Trophy4 (64.06)5 (117.64)4 (181.70)
2015 Skate Canada5 (57.02)6 (99.13)5 (156.15)
Season 2014-2015
2015 Winter Universiade3 (59.07)4 (104.79)4 (163.86)
2015 Russian Championships4 (60.98)6 (111.75)5 (172.73)
2014 NHK Trophy4 (59.62)4 (106.08)4 ( 165.70)
2014 Cup of China4 (56.85)4 (109.59)4 (166.44)
2014 Cup of Nice3 (47.46)1 (104.64)2 (152.10 )
2014 Lombardia Trophy1 (50.32)3 (80.08)3 (130.40)


2015 Russian Nationals EX- Adagio by Lara Fabian

2014 Cup of China EX - Adagio by Lara Fabian

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Dec 21, 2011


Final Flight
Apr 18, 2014
According to the geotag, Vasiliev's group seems to now be training at the Medvedkovo rink, which is where the Alexeeva/Kustarova group is based. The only other group there was Sergei Dobroskokov's (Davankova and Deputat's old coach). but I don't think he has any pairs left...


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Jan 23, 2004
I think I am going to love this new team! Vera looks happy and skating wise they seem to be a good

I always liked Vera and Yuri but I have to admit from the little bit I have seen
Andrei seems to present her much better than Yuri did.

Thanks for all the updates and info!


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Nov 12, 2013
Good luck in Cup of China, Vera and Andrei. :)


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Feb 26, 2014
From an interview with Oleg Vasiliev (summing up)
Bazarova/Deputat are skating the LP to Beatles, the SP for now is Chopen, but Vasiliev might change it - he says the music is very even with no accents and if the skating will not be very interesting it'll put the audience to sleep. They will decide by the end of July whether to change it to something classical
The Beatles were chosen because it's a known worldwide music. He was going to offer something more radical - Bee Gees' `Saturday night fever'. Both programmes choreographed by Elena Maslennikova who they have been working for 2 years with now. They will later show the programmes to Averbukh and have his feedback.

An interview with Vera and Andrei.

Translation from quiqie on FSU:

Q: Which of your new programs do you like better?
Andrey: To be honest, I like The Beatles program better, it's new, we haven't done anything like that before.
Vera: It's completely new for me as well, I never did anything like that in my life, and neither did Andrey, and it is also the first time that we use music with lyrics, so we can sing along.
Q: Vera, it's really a new style for you, we are used to seeing you more balletic and classical, was it difficult?
Vera: I'm getting used to it little by little.
Q: Who came up with the idea?
Andrey: We did it all together. We really wanted something that everybody knows, everywhere in the world.
Vera: And we wanted something unusual, so we hope people will like it.

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Jul 26, 2003
Guys, I just updated their OP. There's nothing new there, but it is at least all in one place.


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Dec 21, 2011
I actually really liked their Beatles program choreography at their test skate- it has a fun feel!


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Dec 21, 2011
Unfortunately Vera is ill and hospitalized, so these two will not be able to compete at the Mordovian Ornament. I hope she will get well soon :agree: