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Dec 7, 2018
Victoria Manni (born 23 August 1994) and Carlo Röthlisberger (born 23 August 1994) are an ice dance team representing Italy.

They represented Switzerland from 2016 until 2020. They made their debut for Italy in the 2021-22 Season.

They are the 2016 Santa Claus Cup bronze medalists, four-time Swiss national champions and the 2023 Italian national silver medalists. They competed in the final segment at the 2020 European Championships.

Victoria previously skated with Saverio Giacomelli, Benjamin Naggiar and Andrea Fabbri.

Carlo previously skated with Valentina Schär.

They both also have previously skated singles at the junior international level.

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Rink Results:

Skating Scores:


ISU Personal Bests
Personal Best Total Score165.4919.11.2022ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2022
Personal Best Score Rhythm Dance64.4518.11.2022ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2022
Personal Best Score Free Dance101.0419.11.2022ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2022
SeasonRhythm danceFree dance
  • Wicked Game
    by Chris Isaak
    performed by Daisy Gray
  • Calabria (Ziggy & Chick Flix 2018 Remix)
    by Basshall Movement & Enur ft. Natasja Saad
  • Modigliani Suite
    by Guy Farley
  • My Reason
    by Keedie Babb
  • Rain, In Your Black Eyes
    by Ezio Bosso
  • Naughty Girl
    Love On Top
    Crazy in Love
    by Beyoncé
  • Andalusian Nights
    by Govi
  • Mil pasos
    by Soha
  • Dark Gipsy
    by Al Marconi
  • Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
    performed by The Blues Brothers
    Minnie the Moocher
    by Cab Calloway
  • Slumdog Millionaire
    by A. R. Rahma
  • Tango: Tango
    (from Cirque du Soleil)
    Swing: Peter Gunn Theme
    performed by The Blues Brothers
  • Unusual Way
    by Frank Grifith
  • Cinema Italiano
    by Kate Hudson
  • Unusual Way
    by Frank Grifith
  • Cha Cha: I Like It Like That
    by Pete Rodriguez
    Rhumba: Beautiful Maria of My Soul
    by Andy Fortuna
    Samba: Do U Only Wanna Dance
    by Ángel "Cucco" Peña
  • Sixteen Tons
    by LeAnn Rimes
    by ZZ Top
  • Blues: Ain't No Sunshine
    by Bill Withers
    Swing: Gimme Some Lovin'
    by The Blues Brothers
  • Grande amore
    by Il Volo
  • Code Name Vivaldi
    by The Piano Guys

2023 European Championships64.231199.9811164.2111
Italian Championships 202369.542106.952176.492
Warsaw Cup 202264.454101.044165.494
Mezzaluna Cup 202265.461101.961167.421
2nd Trophy Metropole Nice Côte DAzur61.95591.685153.635
30th Ondrej Nepela Trophy60.32595.476155.796
Lombardia Trophy 202257.66895.646153.308
Challenge Cup 202255.23690.194145.425
Egna Dance Trophy 202266.00394.756160.755
European Championship 202059.782085.4520145.2320
Mentor Torun Cup 202058.16991.1610149.328
Swiss Championships 202063.87199.361163.231
Bosporus Cup 201959.45696.127155.577
Warsaw Cup 201951.811177.6510129.4610
40th Volvo Open Cup60.90688.216149.116
World Championship 201953.9423
Winter Universiade 201956.62989.039145.659
Egna Dance Trophy 201959.02591.162150.183
European Championship 201950.6324
Mentor Torun Cup 201956.82686.419143.237
Swiss Championships 201960.78192.781153.561
Bosporus Cup 201850.74794.115144.856
Tallinn Trophy 201853.24885.578138.818
Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy 201851.88980.0510131.9310
37th Volvo Open Cup51.241082.8110134.0510
International Halloween Cup 201849.95885.727135.678
Lombardia Trophy 201849.42974.3710123.7910
Egna Dance Trophy 201850.60772.108122.707
Bavarian Open 201846.32868.108114.428
European Championship 201846.3023
Golden Spin 201742.041766.3618108.4018
Bavarian Open 201747.581468.8214116.4014
European Championship 201747.1925
Golden Spin 201651.521274.1014125.6213
Tallinn Trophy 201652.321373.0215125.3414
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