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Jul 26, 2003
Wesley Chiu, was born 20 March 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, where he remains to train. Wesley is a young talent, working hard to be one of the future stars in Canadian men’s figure skating.He won 2021 JPG Courchevel 2, and thus qualified for the 2021-22 Junior Grand Prix Final. With that win, plus his gold medal in 2019 Canadian Novice Nationals as well as Silver medal at the 2020 Canadian Junior Nationals, he has for sure become one of the more interesting young Canadian skaters.

ISU Bio: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00107906.htm

Rinkresults: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=34002

Team Canada Next-gen: https://skatecanada.ca/high-performance/nextgen/
Facebook Profile- https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100043244049044

ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score232.39ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2021
Personal Best Score Short Program81.59ISU World Junior Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating162.24ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2021

SP: "Vincent" by Govardo; choreo by Joey Russell
FS: "I Belong To You" by Muse; choreo by Joey Russell

FS: "I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix)" by Muse

SP: "Stargazing"'by Kygo; choreo by Joey Russell, Keegan Murphy
FS: Casablanca (soundtrack) by Max Steiner

Competitive History
videos linked under scores.

Season 2021-22
World Junior Championships 2022Junior2 (81.59)4 (146.70)4 (228.29)
Canadian Nationals 2022Senior2 (81.47)5 (150.57)3 (232.04)
Warsaw Cup 2021Senior11 (70.15)1 (162.24)4 (232.39)
JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021Junior4 (76.63)3 (140.96)3 (217.59)
JGP Courchevel2 2021Junior1 (76.26)2 (123.63)1 (199.89)
Season 2020-21
2021 Skate Canada ChallengeJunior5 (57.47)2 (121.83)3 (179.30)
2021 BC/YK Sectionals
Junior1 (64.71)3 (95.16)2 (159.87)
Season 2019-20
2020 Canadian ChampionshipJunior 1 (76.12)4 (122.32)2 (198.44)
2020 Skate Canada ChallengeJunior5 (59.11)1 (120.53)2 (179.64)
2020 BC/YK SectionalsJunior1 (74.35)1 (117.04)1 (191.39)
JGP Egna 2019Junior14 (55.51)13 (111.78)13 (167.29)
Season 2018-19
Bavarian Open 2019Adv novice1 (39.01)1 (81.73)1 (120.74)
2019 Canadian Championshipsnovice1 (52.73)1 (94.10)1 (146.83
2019 Skate Canada Challengenovice1 (47.68)1 (86.75)1 (134.43)
2019 BC/YK Sectionalsnovice1 (45.24)1 (75.03)1 (120.27)
Season 2017-18
2018 Canadian Nationalsnovice7 (37.87)12 (64.63)9 (102.50)
2018 Skate Canada Challengenovice10 (32.19)2 (80.60)3 (112.79)
2018 BC/YK Sectionalsnovice2 (39.17)2 (72.71)2 (111.88)

Exhibitions and Galas

Interviews, Articles, and Other Media

Aug. 2021 -Winner's Interview, JGP Courchevel 2

Jan. 2019- National Novice Men's Winner's Interview

May 2021 newspaper interview - Wesley Chiu, Connaught, figure skating Richmond …

Jul. 2021 - Wesley Chiu FS (j) NextGen Camp/Simulation 2021

May 2021 - Senior Short - Skate Canada BCYK Section Victoria Day Virtual Event

Early Competitions

Apr. 2017- Novice VISI from BC/YK Section (so young!)

Nov. 2016- Pre Novice FS BC/YK Sectionals
SP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OLz88CzbEtM
FS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pDisSP0m198
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Jun 18, 2008
I was planning to download CBC TV's Road to the Olympic Games broadcasts of Nationals (they include Kurt Browning as the commentator) from the CBC.ca website, but I've been searching for over a week, and I can't find the archived livestreams anywhere. :scratch2: I had to beg :bow: an acquaintance to convert their PVRs into video files, and so far I've completed uploading the Men Short Program. (CBC Montreal DIDN'T air this segment :mad: , so I didn't even know there were any SPs that made it to the television broadcast until I received the vids!)

Kurt talks about Wesley during the warm-up section.
2022 CFSC Men SP Keegan Messing Update + Men Discussion + Warm-Up Clips (CBC TV 720p, 59fps):

2022 CFSC SP (CBC TV 720p, 59fps):


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Mar 6, 2020

This news article makes it sound like he was on his way?? I am fearing a positive test
Yes either that or they needed him to stay home because he's 1st alternate. And that makes me nervous, too, because the other first alternates like Evelyn and Trennt left for Estonia as planned. So... I don't know what this means (a positive test for Wesley or someone else).:(


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Jun 18, 2008
Wesley is included in the SP recap and the warm-up.
2022 CFSC Men LP Discussion + Men SP Recap + Warm-Up Clips (CBC TV 720p, 59fps):

This discussion (with Wesley as one of the main topics) is from the CBC.ca archived livestream (it wasn't available on the Dailymotion version).
Post-Senior Men SP Discussion (Livestream Commentary 720p):
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Jun 18, 2008
This discussion also wasn't available on the Dailymotion archived livestream. My original file is 720p, yet the site converted it to only 288p for some odd reason.
Post-Senior Men LP Discussion (Livestream Commentary):

There's no sound for the first 4.5 minutes.
Senior Men Medal Ceremony (720p):


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Jun 18, 2008
I've belatedly realized that no one has posted the reason for his withdrawal from 4CC on this thread.



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Nov 12, 2013
Happy Birthday to Wesley! 🎂 He definitely caught my eye this season. Good luck to him at JWC!
@dorispulaski , I think the OP contains a typo, it says Wesley's birthday is the 30th. :]