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What are you most looking forward to this new season? (2021-22)


Mar 6, 2020
  • Alysa's senior international debut (although her GP assignments are :eek2:)
  • Which US Woman gets chosen for Nebelhorn
  • Nebelhorn in general
  • The battle for the US Women's Olympic spots
  • Seeing Nathan build on that amazing Worlds FP performance (and wining the OGM :pray:)
  • Yuma. Just Yuma.
  • Alexandra working her way towards that clean five-quad program
  • More US Woman doing ultra C elements.
  • Seeing Amber hopefully conquer her nerves and land 3As


Record Breaker
Jul 13, 2014
1. Seeing the RDs this year. I'm glad we have a fun theme for RDs this year.
2. Which remaining countries will makes the Olympics from Nebelhorn. Plus additional spots that can be gained during Nebelhorn.
3. Seeing Chelsea Liu compete again.
4. Hearing Ted Barton commentate more.
5. Who will medal at the 4CC since we know the USA and Canada won't send their Olympians to it.
6. The bloodbath of Russian Nationals.
7. Who from the Canadian women will make the Olympics.
8. Nashville hosting US Nationals!
9. The rise of the younger US dance teams to come after the Olympics.
10. Who's going to get bronze for the Olympics for men.
11. How many 3As and quads will the women do at the Olympics.
12. Which Russian pairs teams will make the Olympics.


Nov 29, 2020
Evgenia Medvedeva showing her Masquerade and Alegria program to at least one competition ! Please this is my dream ! I just want to see those program at one competition and after that I will accept her retired as a figure skater if this is her wish. I hope that the host spot at rostelecom cup is for Evgenia. :pray:


Record Breaker
Oct 20, 2017
Evgenia Medvedeva showing her Masquerade and Alegria program to at least one competition ! Please this is my dream ! I just want to see those program at one competition and after that I will accept her retired as a figure skater if this is her wish. I hope that the host spot at rostelecom cup is for Evgenia. :pray:
I want to see those programs, too. We've never even seen the costumes. But I would be happy with just a Challenger or Senior B.


Nov 29, 2020
I want to see those programs, too. We've never even seen the costumes. But I would be happy with just a Challenger or Senior B.
Me too, I don't care about the result of the competition. But I want to see those program at competition.

It would be funny if her career finish in the same way as Julia Lipnitskaya at rostelecom cup !

At rostelecom cup this is the last time that we have see the new program of Julia Lipnitskaya.

I hope that Evgenia do the same and finish her career at rostelecom cup.

Hopefully I hope it doesn't turn like Julia Lipnitskaya who finish last.

But even if Evgenia Medvedeva finish last at her last competition, I don't care about the result. I just want to see her masquerade and alegria program one last time with the finish product with her costume, make up, etc. !!! :love2:


Jan 31, 2019
I think I most looking forward to more quads integrated into ladies’ programs, and the Olympic assignments.

but right now I am looking the most are: JGP assignments, my mom coming to binge-watch some of JGP together and hopefully going to Skate America ❤️


Record Breaker
Jul 9, 2014
I'm looking forward to the Junior Grand Prix to catch up with the upcoming generation =)
I agree. This will be a very interesting season. I imagine skaters like Bradie, Mariah, and Gracie will retire after the Olympics and it will be interesting to see the new generation of ladies. I imagine it will be led by Alysa but, Lindsay Thorngren is certainly looking good this season. There is a host of ladies in the wings and I think this season will be very interesting.


On the Ice
May 30, 2019
- Who will be the first woman* to land a quad Loop in official ISU competition (Junior or Senior)?
Sofia Samodelkina / Young You / Alexandra Trusova

- Will Sasha Trusova exorcise her ghosts? Will she be able to stabilize the trixel / 5 quads?

- New WR/OR in the women's SP / FS / TS (Russian Rocket breaking the 260 points mark)

- Russian women* sweeping Olympic podium

*New ISU terminology


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
I always dread the Olympic season. So many dreams die in it. I like so many skaters that it is guaranteed my heart will be breaking for some of them this season.

My wish is that each of them skate their very best, so that they remember this year with pride, if not with the elation of medals earned.

I particularly want to see Jason and Keegan earn Olympic spots. And I want Chock and Bates to have their best performances ever at the Olympics.

I am most looking forward to seeing spectators in the seats again, and hope that I am brave enough to attend at least one live competition.


Happy Olympic Season!
Dec 8, 2020
Nationals this year! They're going to be so hard to watch, but in a good way I think. We already have an idea of who will likely go to the Olympics for some of the bigger federations, but there are also so many spots left undecided. I don't know if I'll be able to handle Japanese and Russian nationals at the same time this year. It's going to be so exciting and stressful.


On the Ice
Jun 1, 2020
1) Super looking forward GP France, especially for Jason Brown, I really one to watch him live at least once :D Can't wait for the competitions in general to start, rooting both for juniors and seniors.

2) The comeback of Ksenia Sinitsyna ! So happy she got two GP spots ! Her beautiful programs and unique artistry were sourly missed this year, and I hope her work pays off and she gets to join the quadsters club !

3) Both excited and terrified for Nationals, especially RusNats and JNats (I want Wakaba to go so bad é.è) I'm actually pretty worried for the Russian women, after this year's amazing freeskates at nationals, 2022 RusNats is hyperhyped as the bloodbath and showdown of the century, and I'm really scared many will collapse under the pressure to show the absolute best. And whatever happens there, many hearts will be broken. I can hope for nothing but clean skates and no regrets for all the skaters ! 💜💜💜

4) More trixels in women's programs ! Fingers crossed for Sasha and Wakaba to finally land their 3As consistently and confidently, and on the edge of my seat until we see if/how well Daria and Aliona figured theirs out !

5) Rooting the hell out for Sasha to surely and carefully skate her way to this elusive 5-quads program. She can do it, sooner or later she will and then, watch out people ! 🚀

6) Kaori's new freeskate. I'd be delighted if she keeps Matrix one more year, but change is great so I can't wait to see what my fave pulls off next !

7) to Russian women in general, GIB US THE DAMN PROGRAMS, yo ! è.é

8) Worlds in Montpellier, literally a less-than-two hours drive from my parents' home ! I asked my mother to get there with me as a birthday present, she is... mildly happy about it xD But she used to be a figure skating fan back in the 70s/80s, so it's been fun discovering and sharing this passion with her :)

9) I've been very pleasantly surprised with the Men competitions at Worlds this year, I used to follow from afar but I really enjoyed the quality and diversity of the performances, from of course Yuzu and Nathan to unique and bubbly Kevin, adorable Yuma, balletic and composed Kolyada, strong and sensitive Keegan and my boy Jason :3 I'll make sure to follow them more closely this year.

10) and well, of course, the Olympics. Contrary to many people I don't see any locks in the Russian women team - there are just too many super talented, too much that can happen in the course of a few months, and from the very little that I know, a lot of times it was rarely the favourite who ended up getting the gold in the end (Oksana Baiul vs Kerrigan, Kwan vs Lipinski, Yuna/Yulia vs Adelina, Evgenia vs Alina...) ; so even if all the odds seem to be in Kamila's favor now (turning senior and getting at her technical and physical peak at just the right time), well, you never know. I'm not good at bets and I don't want to jinx anyone, so I'll just sit back on the predictions and see how all this plays out.

(for my last point about gold medal favourites, probabilities and predictions, I'm a very newbie FS fan and I don't claim this observation to be the absolute all-time truth ; it's just something I've noticed from binging a lot of Worlds and Olympics competitions, and I think it does make sense that the pressure to be hyped as the favourite can make a great skater crumble, and allow for a direct competitor or even a darkhorse to raise to the occasion. but there are certaintly many counter-examples, I'd be curious to hear the opinions of more knowledgeable people on the matter !)


Record Breaker
Jan 7, 2016
  • Fedor Klimov and his teams ❤️❤️❤️
  • Rostelecom - which I'm hoping to attend again 🤞🤞🤞
  • The return of JGP!
  • The show-down in Ice Dance and Pairs - so many contenders for the various crowns (but it will be super nerve-wrecking)
  • Russian Junior and Novice competitions
  • Russian Championship
  • Piper and Paul reaching for the stars
  • Many great moments with you GS guys and LOTS of banter!
  • Lots of people in the stands, especially Russians at the Olympics with proper flags
Most dreaded:
  • It's gonna be the last season for some. Piper and Paul already mentioned it. There will be tears...:(
  • Cathedraaaaaaale, Malaaaaaade, Blablaland, you get the picture!
  • My VPN stops working and I'd have to listen to Ted! :laugh:
Mar 21, 2018
I´m really looking forward to Olympic Games. It will be my first in this forum, and the first one knowing most of the skaters, in 2018 I didn´t know many skaters, and I couln´t tell the easiest jumps apart. It will be a whole new experience watching this time.

Also I agree with all the others, having a "normal" season again is one of the things i´m looking most forward too. All though they managed to put together pieces of a season last year, it wasn´t the same. I´m looking most forward to see more skaters have the chance to compete, not only a few, not to mention the JGP.

Not a single Norwegian figure skater was able to compete international last season because of strict border rules, and I´m looking forward to follow them and see how they have developed. All though it will not be the same without Sondre, there is a promising male figure skater who just moved from novice to junior this season, i´m hoping to see him in JGP this season. Also one of the most promising juniors we have has moved up to senior. She is the first female norwegian figure skater that has a stable 3-3 combination, i´m sure she can make it to Euros, and if she delivers maybe she even can get a spot for WC the upcoming season. Also there are two other senior girls who most likely would fight for a Euro spot. And one of them just got 2 new programs choreographed by Benoit Richaud! So there is a lot cooking in the Norwegian figure skating team these days :D

Also my biggest hope for the season is to see Zhenya perform again and Gracie Gold get her fire back and be at her best.