What's your Russian women dream team for 2022? | Golden Skate

What's your Russian women dream team for 2022?

which three ladies would you dream to see at Beijing Olympics 2022 ?

  • Alexandra Trusova

    Votes: 141 56.4%
  • Anna Shcherbakova

    Votes: 115 46.0%
  • Alena Kostornaia

    Votes: 115 46.0%
  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

    Votes: 87 34.8%
  • Daria Usacheva

    Votes: 29 11.6%
  • Maiia Khromykh

    Votes: 11 4.4%
  • Evgenia Medvedeva

    Votes: 43 17.2%
  • Alina Zagitova

    Votes: 16 6.4%
  • Kseniia Sinitsyna

    Votes: 17 6.8%
  • Sofia Samodurova

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Elizaveta Nugumanova

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Anastasia Gubanova

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Stanislava Konstantinova

    Votes: 4 1.6%
  • Kamila Valieva

    Votes: 128 51.2%
  • Anna Frolova

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Maria Talalaykina

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


On the Ice
Jun 1, 2020
Hey there.
I don't post often, I stayed out of the forum for Worlds 'cause these left me exhausted, I couldn't have guessed two years ago that being a figure skating fan was so emotionally intense !! Kudos to all the longtime aficionados, I don't know how you manage x')

But yeah well, I've been wondering for a while what would be my ideal Russian ladies team for the Olympics. Not in terms of predictions, probabilities or statistics (it seems that was a pretty hot debate in ye olde Russian ladies thread xD) but just like, who would be your absolute favorite to see in Beijing. Pick three, and discuss why :) I tried to list everyone I remembered in the poll but there wasn't enough room, sorry '__' If one of your picks is missing feel free to mention her anyways of course !

My personal picks would be Sasha Trusova, Kseniia Sinitsyna and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. Kseniia because I missed her unique skating sourly this season, and she has both 3A and 4T as a possible arsenal for next year. Sasha will always be a favorite of mine no matter what, and Liza is just the Empress 👑

Welp, I hope this thread will not die instantly, whatever happens I wish everyone a good week, a HUGE thank you to all the skaters who did their best throughout this messy season, have a good rest and come back strong in a few months !


Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2011
dream team for me is Kostornaia, Valieva and Shcherbakova. although obviously i wouldn't be mad at all if Trusova made it, she also deserves it, but for me is too much of a wild card at the moment. if things had gone the way we all expected them to in the FS this past weekend, she would have been well off the podium.

Kostornaia and Valieva have a level of skating that deserves to be seen on the Olympic stage. when in form both of them are consistent (more so Kostornaia). Aliona's 3A is the best in the world and Valievas Rippon 4T is sublime.

Shcherbakova is an artist and has the technical arsenal as well, and her musicality is second to none. she has also proven herself consistent and trustworthy time and time again- 3x National Champion and now World Champion.


Record Breaker
Feb 17, 2010
What I'd want the team to be:
Alena, because she missed the chance at a big event while she was the best skater in the world)
Liza, because she may be the most accomplished skater never to skate in an Olympics
Kamila, because I think she's the best of the Russian women

What I think the team will be:
Sasha, because I think she'll get her programs and jump line-ups sorted out by next season
Kamila, because I think she's the least likely of the top tier Russians to lose her jumps given her age
And I have no idea for the third spot. Maybe Anna if she can hold on to her quads one more year, Alena if she regains the 3A, or even Liza if the depth doesn't end up being what we expect it to be next year.


Final Flight
May 16, 2020
Still want Trusova/Shcherbakova/Valieva. I didn't like Valieva's skating earlier, but she's really impressed this season.


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
Stop lying 😝
you are right... i had a hard time picking a third choice ;) LOL seriously, I always liked Medvedeva, so she was my first pick. Then, I had to go with the Empress. So, I picked Liza. Honestly, I do not follow junior much (except sometimes dance/and men but not pairs and ladies as the first tend to split often and the second have to go through a lot so we often do not get to see them in seniors) so I do not know much of the 3 young stars everyone talks about all the time (the 3 As) let alone the new ones... So, considering worlds this year, and having seen both Anna and Alexandra, I picked Kostornaia since I have not seen her at worlds yet :) Now you know all my secrets!


Mar 27, 2020
Alena Kostornaia, Evgenia Medvedeva and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva -- based purely on whose skating I enjoy watching the most.
But I'd happily cheer for Anna Shcherbakova, too.
See, you can cheat and name a fourth lady. You just have to call her the first alternate.


On the Ice
Oct 4, 2019
Can we also have 3 gold medalists?
I also picked Alena, Zhenya and Liza - not whose skating I enjoy the most for now, but the ones who have been through too much.