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What's your top 5?

Lamente Ariane

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Record Breaker
Apr 5, 2017
thank you for these! :thank:Did (ahem ... bronze medalists) Ashley & Tim skate in the gala? :) The P/K zombie program sounds very fun.
Yes they did, it was lovely-- I believe I saw later their gala piece was a tribute to their late choreographer Serge Onik. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an unblocked version on YouTube yet. :(


On the Ice
Mar 5, 2014
For me
1) Nathan's SP - I'm glad to see him back in form to win here.
2) Mai Mihara's come back - I love all her programs - when I watched her live a few years back, what caught me was how light her jump landings were - just like feathers.
3) Liza's SP and her 3Axles - glad that she got the silver.
4) Cain/LeDuc's LP and third place finish.
5) Wakaba's 3Axle - glad that she went for it, sad to see that she could not keep the same momentum for the rest of the program.


On the Ice
Jan 10, 2016
1- Gilles/Porier RD A- Amazing costumes, B-Paul's butt haha... C- Fantastic entertaining
2- Valieva FS
3-Tuktamysheva ...the whole event for her
4-Smart/Diaz FD
5-Keegan Messing SP