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Jan 5, 2019
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Osokina, Yelizaveta Sergeyevna (Осокина, Елизавета Сергеевна)

Date of birth: December 18, 2006
Original club: Children's and Youth's Sports School, Kazan (Tatarstan)
First trainer: Abrusova, Olga
Current club: Central Army Sports Club School of the Olympic Reserve named after Zhuk, CSKA (Moscow)
Current trainer: Buyanova, Yelena
Current choreographers:
Current rank: Candidate Master of Sports
Dress designed:
Boots and Blades:

Current season program music:
* Short Program:
* Free Program:


Season 2020/21

Russian Cup 5th Stage - 3rd 191.37
* Short Program 4th - 68.16 : 2A, 3F!+3T, CCoSp4, 3Lz (+10%), LSp4, StSq3, FCSp3 (BS 31.59, GOE 5.93, PCS 30.60)
* Free Program 3rd - 123.21 : 3S, 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A, CCoSp4V (nC), 3Lz< (+10%), 3F!+3T+2T (+10%), 2A+2Lo (+10%), FCSp4, StSq3, LSp4 (BV 57.00, GOE 5.73, PCS 60.48)

Russian Cup 4th Stage - 4th 182.28
*Short Program 5th - 63.84 : 2A, 3Lz, CCoSp3, 3F!+3T (+10%), LSP4, StSq3, FCSp3 (BV 30.53, GOE 4.07, PCS 29.24)
*Free Program 5th - 118.44 : 3S, 3F!, 3Lo, 2A, CCoSp4, 3Lz (+10%), 3Lz+3Tq (+10%), 2A+3T+2T (+10%), FCSp3, StSq2, LSp1 (BV 55.48, GOE 3.82, PCS 59.12)

Selected Media

5th Stage of Russian Cup Short Program

5th Stage of Russian Cup Free Program

4th Stage of Russian Cup Short Program

4th Stage of Russian Cup Free Program

Test Skates in Novogorsk

Yelizaveta in the 4th Stage of Russian Cup

Older pictures:

Media with Yelizaveta:

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Final Flight
Dec 5, 2018
These are Elizaveta's Gold Medal performances at the Grandfather Frost Prize Competition in Moscow on 23rd-24th December.

Here is her Short Programme skate. It starts at 2m4s.