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    Day 1 competition (Oct 30th) Result page: (In Japanese) Order of competition- Sr. men SP Jr ladies SP Sr. ladies SP
  • JazzUp
    JazzUp replied to the thread Alina Zagitova.
    Russia celebrates Coach Day on Oct 30th - congratulations to the best coaching team in figure skating! :)
  • CaroLiza_fan
    CaroLiza_fan replied to the thread Your favorite "small fed"?.
    I totally agree with you about Kevin. I loved his style of skating. Unfortunately, Kevin retired after 2012 Worlds. His catalogue of...
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    Edwin replied to the thread Sofia Akatieva.
    " Do not think about falling. " Figure skater Akat'yeva - about working with Tutberidze and quadruple jumps Eteri Tutberidze's...
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    Yes, in theory they still have a chance at 5th stage. But it is a very slim one. I don't see anyone beating Kostornaia, Valieva and...
  • plushyfan
    not yet..ot they didn't show it...she is in good mood, and working who knows? :wink:
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    GINO replied to the thread Alexandra Trusova.
    I would add another impressive achievement, she is still the only one who has landed different types of quads in one program and even 3...
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    Sof'ya Akat'yeva has been interviewed by TASS. Here is my interpretation: " Do not think about falling. " Figure skater Akat'yeva -...
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    That will be interesting for sure. The rules state: participation in two qualifiers and Gorshkov had said in an interview no exception...