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GS Forum Christmas Card List

GS Christmas Card List

What do I do?
Exchange cards with other members of the GS Forum by submitting your info below. You will receive a link by email to the full list so that you can start writing and stamping!


The information you submit below will be added to an excel sheet in which everyone that participates, including you, will receive a link to. This document is not open to the general public. This document cannot be edited by anyone except for the GS Forum Staff. This info will not be sold, shared, traded or otherwise used by the GS Forum staff for any purpose. However, we cannot guarantee that other members will not share or copy it. It is our hope that this information will be used by our members for what it’s for – building community. The list will be deleted soon after Dec 25, 2020.


  • While the “Name” and “Username” fields are optional, please be aware that many cards are returned in some countries if there is no surname.
  • Your email is needed so that you can get the auto-email from GS with the link to the list. Your email address is not stored on the list nor can be viewed by anyone.
  • Make sure you whitelist emails from “” so that the email with the link doesn’t go to junk/spam folder.
  • If you filled out the form and did not receive an email, check your “junk/spam” folder first. If not there, send a PM to “gsk8” in the forum with the name and email you used.