North American Figure Skating Championships

This was a biennial amateur competition held for the first time in 1923 and last time in 1971.


Year Ladies Champion Men’s Champion Pair Champions
1971 Karen Magnussen (CAN) John Misha Petkevich (USA) Jojo Starbuck/Kenneth Shelley (USA)
1969 Janet Lynn (USA) Timothy Wood (USA) Cynthia Kauffmann/Ronald Kauffmann (USA)
1967 Peggy Fleming (USA) Donald Knight (CAN) Cynthia Kauffmann/Ronald Kauffmann (USA)
1965 Petra Burka (CAN) Gary Visconti (USA) Vivian Joseph/Ronald Joseph (USA)
1963 Wendy Griner (CAN) Donald McPherson (CAN) Debbi Wilkes/Guy Revell (CAN)
1961 Laurence Owen (USA) Donald Jackson (CAN) Maria Jelinek/Otto Jelinek (CAN)
1959 Carol Heiss (USA) Donald Jackson (CAN) Barbara Wagner/Robert Paul (CAN)
1957 Carol Heiss (USA) David Jenkins (USA) Barbara Wagner/Robert Paul (CAN)
1955 Tenley Albright (USA) Hayes Jenkins (USA) Frances Dafoe/Norris Bowden (CAN)
1953 Tenley Albright (USA) Hayes Jenkins (USA) Frances Dafoe/Norris Bowden (CAN)
1951 Sonya Klopfer (USA) Dick Button (USA) Karol Kennedy/Michael Kennedy (USA)
1949 Yvonne Sherman (USA) Dick Button (USA) Karol Kennedy/Michael Kennedy (USA)
1947 Barbara Ann Scott (CAN) Dick Button (USA) Suzanne Morrow/Wallace Diestelmeyer (CAN)
1945 Barbara Ann Scott (CAN) Competition not held Competition not held
1943 Competition not held
1941 Mary Rose Thacker (CAN) Ralph McCreath (CAN) Eleanor O’Meara/Ralph McCreath (CAN)
1939 Mary Rose Thacker (CAN) Montgomery Wilson (CAN) Joan Tozzer/Ralph McCreath (CAN)
1937 Maribel Vinson (USA) Montgomery Wilson (CAN) Veronica Clarke/Ralph McCreath (CAN)
1935 Constance Wilson-Samuel (CAN) Montgomery Wilson (CAN) Maribel Vinson/George E.B. Hill (USA)
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