The Improv on Ice

Adagio pairs skating is the newest discipline in figure skating. It is much like the pairs discipline, but offers more unique lifts and acrobatics. This show, only held once in 1998, was a unique improvisational skating exhibition of top-class skaters creating their program only minutes before performing. Only the pairs were scored in the event.

December 3, 1998 ~ Worcester, Massachusetts

Men (Order of Skate – Not Judged)
1. Michael Weiss, Werther
2. Brian Orser, Crying
3. Victor Petrenko, River Deep, Mountain High
4. Philippe Candeloro, Earthbound
5. Alexei Yagudin, The Big Parade
6. Rudy Galindo, Vaults of Heaven

Ladies (Order of Skate – Not Judged)
1. Denise Biellmann, Kissing You
2. Surya Bonaly, Why Haven’t I Heard From You
3. Rosaylnn Sumners, I Can’t Stand the Rain
4. Nancy Kerrigan, Nessun Dorma
5. Nicole Bobek, Mad About the Boy
6. Kristi Yamaguchi, Nobody Does it Like Me

Pairs (Actual Placement – Judged)
1. Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko, Listen To Your Heart
2. Cindy Landry & Burt Lancon, Maya Eva
3. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, Sadeness
4. Terry Pagano & Tony Paul, Fiesta Fatal

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